120 feet of foundation poured!

We continue to build and grow.  The weather has been working with us and we are excited as things continue to move forward.  God is good!

Construction highlights this week:

Ferche Construction continues to work on adding clean fill as backfill to the site.  One challenge is keeping the ground thawed so construction can occur.  They continue to cover the areas with warming blankets to allow construction to move forward.

Approximately 120 feet of the foundation is poured and the remainder should be completed in the days ahead (weather permitting.)  The next step will be to begin laying the foundation block.  The hope is the weather continues to cooperate and that phase should begin prior to Thanksgiving.

EXCEL is replacing our current gas lines with larger ones.  That line will travel in front of the center building. We will learn more about that transition later this week.  We are excited to see how everything is coming together.

Our upgraded Internet service has been in place for one week and it has made a difference in our service to students and staff.