129 piles done, 53 more to go!

We made some progress on our construction project this week.  We are blessed to have construction partners that are conscientious, careful and who care about Cathedral.

Here are some highlights from the week:

Veit Construction drove an additional 49 piles this week, so to date we have 129 driven piles in the ground to full depth. We will need to drive approximately 182 total.  This is the “noisy” part of the project that is not as much of a nuisance as we originally predicted!  We have been fortunate!


In addition, the crew filled 118 of the 129 piles with concrete, creating a stronger base for the project.

J.R. Ferche Excavating created a bridge so Veit’s team could crawl their crane out of the mechanical room location. The movement of the crane facilitated the excavating at the site where the crane was previously sitting.

Veit had a semi load of the helical piles delivered, conducted the helical test pile and will continue and hopefully complete this portion of the project in the days ahead.  It is estimated that (weather permitting) this will take roughly eight days.

We are blessed to experience this excitement.  Thanks to all for making this our reality!!

Paula Foley, Principal

(320) 980-7180 cell

Cathedral 312 7th Ave N St. Cloud, MN 56303