2016-2017 Awards

AAA Award:    Nicole Prom '17 and Abram Voss '17

Exchange Club Honor Athlete:  Julia Meyer '17 and Keaton LeClaire '17

Michael Pull Award:  Nicole Prom '17 and Michael Spethmann '17

Heart of a Crusader Award:   Julia Korman '17

Cross Country - Boys':
               Section - 2nd place
               All Conference:  Joel Ebel and Alex Tomczik
               State Participants - Team  (Joel Ebel (115th place), Shane Corbett, Sam Nelson, Clayton Teff, Dominick DeIeso, Ryan Munter (121st place), Mitchell Silkman, Alex Tomczik, Rishi Gulati)

Cross Country - Girls':

              Kendrick Hernandez - passes 1,000 rushing yards in a season (Oct. 26 Section
                   win vs. Foley).  Finished season with 1,094 yards (2nd all time leader).  Also had 261 rush attemps (2nd all time leader).
               All-District:  Kendrick Hernandez, Andy Lakmann, Mitch Plombon, and Zack Sellner
               All-District Honorable Mention:  Ryan Tetzloff, Brandon Hartung, Ryan Witte, Quinton Young, Grant Swingle
                Section5 AAA Team:  Kendrick Hernandez, Grant Swingle, Zack Sellner
                Silver Academic Team Award
                4-6 season
                All Area Team:  Kendrick Hernandez
                All Area Honorable Mention:  Quinton Young, Zack Sellner, Mitchell Plombon

Swim & Dive - Girls' (co-op with St. John's Prep):
             All Conference:  Morgan Gerhardt and Lauryn Netland
             All Area Honorable Mention:  Morgan Gerhardt

Soccer - Boys':
               John Stemper - Assistant Section Coach of the Year
               Conference Champions
               All Conference:  McRay Drong, Will Torborg, Cole Tetrault, Aidan Brew
               All Conference Honorable Mention:  Luke Anderson, Noah Amundson
               All Area:  Cole Tetrault, McRay Drong
               All Area Honorable Mention:  Will Torborg

Soccer - Girls':
               Silver Academic Award
               8-10 record
               All Conference:  Maddy Chopp, Toni Baynes, Miranda Milbauer
               All Conference Honorable Mention:  Rachel Koopmeiners, Avalon Eickhoff

Tennis - Girls' (co-op with Apollo & Sauk Rapids):

               Morgan Prom - 2,500 set assist, October 11 vs. Little Falls
               Gold Team Academic Award
               19-9 season record
               Morgan Prom and Gabby Heying - Section 6AA All-Tournament Team
               All Conference:  Morgan Prom, Gabby Heying, Abbey Medelberg
               All Conference Honorable Mention:  Hallie Hupf, Colleen Zadoo
               Granite Ridge Conference Co-MVP -  Morgan Prom
               Granite Ridge Conference Co-Offensive Player of the Year -  Morgan Prom
               Granite Ridge Conference Co-Defensive Player of the Year -  Abbey Medelberg
               All Area Team -  Morgan Prom
               All Area Honorable Mention -  Gabby Heying, Abbey Medelberg

Alpine Ski - Boys':
              Section - 5th place
              State Participant - Nathan Hilbert (Tech)

Alpine Ski - Girls':
               Section - 13th place
               State Participants - Victoria Heinen (Sauk Rapids),  Leah Wimmer (Rocori)

Basketball - Boys':
              Michael Schaefer - Northstar Hoops Player of the Week (Week of Dec. 5)
              Mitchell Plombon - 1000th point vs. Foley on March 11
              Section Champion
              State - 4th place
              Michael Schaefer - 1000th point vs. Crosby-Ironton on March 24 - State Tournament
              Michael Schaefer - Record: Most points in a season (708), Most FT's made in a season (186), Most Offensive Rebounds in a season (107)
              Mitchell Plombon - Record:  Most FG's made in season (241)
              All Tournament Team (State) - Michael Schaefer
              All Area - Michael Schaefer
              All-Area Honorable Mention - Mitchell Plombon and Jackson Jangula

Basketball - Girls':
              Megan Voit - Single Game 3-point record - 8 (December 27, Pierz Tourney)
              Morgan Prom - Season 3-point record - 56 (set January 31, vs. Zimmerman)
              Sub-Section - 2nd place
              Sub-Section Team -  Kate Tomczik and Megan Voit
              21-8 record
              All Area Team - Kate Tomczik
              All Area Honorable Mention - Megan Voit and Morgan Prom

Dance Team:
             Conference Champions - Kick & Jazz
             All Conference (Kick) - Amanda Ophoven, Sydney Mahler, Taylor Notsch, Maddy Doble
             All Conference (Jazz) - Nicole Prom, Anne Kunkel, Kaela Budde, Katelyn Kedrowski
             Section - 3rd Place (Kick), 4th Place (Jazz)
             State Tournament - 5th place (Kick)
             All-Tournament Team -  Nicole Prom and Anne Kunkel
             All-Area Team - Nicole Prom and Anne Kunkel
             All-Area Honorable Mention - Katelyn Kedrowski

Gymnastics (co-op with Tech):
              Co-Conference Champions
              Section Champions
              State Tournament - 2nd place

Hockey - Boys':
               Section Champions
               State Tournament - 3rd place (highest in school history)
               All Tournament Team - Jake Levinski and Jake Van Halbeck
               All Area Team - Michael Spethmann, Jake Van Halbeck, Jake Levinski
               All Area Honorable Mention - Connor Beltz, Jeron Hirschfeld
               Player of the Year (SCTimes Award):  Michael Spethmann

Hockey - Girls' (co-op with Tech & Apollo):
             Season Record:  18-8-1
             All Area Team - Allie Cornelius, Gabbie Rud (Tech)
             All Area Honorable Mention - Jordann Swingle, Emily Musielewicz (Tech)
             Player of the Year (SCTimes Award):  Allie Cornelius

Nordic Ski - Boys' (co-op with Sartell):
              Gold  Team Academic Award
              Section - 3rd place
              State Participants - David Anderson & Alex Nemeth (Sartell)
              All-Area Team -  Alex Nemeth (Sartell)
              All-Area Honorable Mention - Clayton Teff, Riley Halstrom, David Anderson (Sartell), Zach Nemeth (Sartell)

Nordic Ski - Girls' (co-op with Sartell):
               Gold Team Academic Award
               Section -  7th place
               State Participant -  Lauren Buchholz (Sartell)
               All Area Honorable Mention - Lauren Buchholz (Sartell), Colette Jemming (Sartell

               Section Champions
               State Participants -  Tom Hawkins, Josie Maus-Conn, Maija Eickhoff, Elyse Lewandowski, Marshall Muehlbauer, Emily Schneider, Steph Otremba and Celine Schoenecker.
               State - 2nd place (team)
               State Champions:  Tom Hawkins, Steph Otremba
               State placement:  Marshall Muehlbauer (2nd), Maija Eickhoff (5th)
               Laurie Larson - Section Coach of the Year

Swim & Dive - Boys' (co-op with Tech):

Wrestling (co-op with Tech):
              Section - 2nd place

           All-Area:  Tyler Bautch

Golf - Boys':
             Conference Champions
             All-Conference:  Will Freeman, Charlie Stuck, Max Labine, and Nate Martin
             All-Area:  Will Freeman
             All-Area Honorable Mention:  Max LaBine, Charlie Stuck
             Section Champions
             State Participant:  5th place (Team)

Golf - Girls':
            Conference - 2nd place
            All-Conference:  Molly Herker, Elyse Lewandowski, Maddy Meyer, and Maria Williams
            All-Area:  Molly Herker
            All-Area Honorable Mention:  Elyse Lewandowski, Maddy Meyer
            Section - 2nd place

Lacrosse - Boys':

Lacrosse - Girls':

              Co-Conference Champions
              18-5 record
              Gold Team Academic Award
              All Section Team:  Andrea Decker, Megan Voit
              Granite Ridge Player of the Year:  Megan Voit
              Granite Ridge Pitcher of the Year:  Megan Voit
              All-Conference:  Megan Voit, Andrea Decker, Nicole Prom, Abbey Medelberg, Julia Meyer, Kateri Fischer
              All-Conference Honorable Mention:  Gabby Heying
              All Area:  Megan Voit
              All-Area Honorable Mention:  Julia Meyer, Andrea Decker

Tennis - Boys':
             All Area-Honorable Mention:  Paul Decker

Track & Field:
              Mitchell Plombon '18 - Conference Champion (High Jump)