2017-2018 Awards

AAA Award:    Maddy Chopp and Will Torborg

Exchange Club Honor Athlete:  Kate Tomczik and Mitchell Silkman

Michael Pull Award:  Andrea Decker and Jeron Hirschfeld

Julia Korman Heart of a Crusader Award:   Patrick Tollefsrud and Adam Donlin

Cross Country - Boys':
            Gold Academic Team Award
            Conference - 4th place
            Sections - 4th place
            All Conference:  Mitchell Silkman, Tabler Elliot

Cross Country - Girls':
            Gold Academic Team Award
            Sections  - 12th place

             Gold Academic Team Award
             All-Conference:  Mitchell Plombon, Brandon Hartung, Kevin Hayward
             All-Area Honorable Mention:  Mitchell Plombon

Swim & Dive - Girls' (co-op with St. John's Prep):
             Conference - 3rd place
             All-Conference:  Morgan Gerhardt, Lauryn Netland, Mary Morris
             All-Area Honorable Mention:  Morgan Gerhardt

Soccer - Boys':
              Conference Champions
              Section - 2nd place
              All-State Team:  Jake Minkkinen (1st team), McRay Drong (2nd state)
              All-Conference:  Will Torborg, McRay Drong, Cole Tetrault, Jake Minkkinen
              All-Area:  McRay Drong, Jake Minkkinen, Cole Tetrault
              All-Area Honorable Mention:  Will Torborg, Zakariah Lee
              St. Cloud Times Athlete of the Year:  Jake Minkkinen

Soccer - Girls':
               Silver Team Academic Award
               All-Conference:  Miranda Milbauer, Maddy Chopp, Anika Wirth, Toni Baynes
               All-Area:  Maddy Chopp, Anika Wirth, Toni Baynes

Tennis - Girls' (co-op with Apollo & Sauk Rapids):
              Silver Team Academic Award

               Gold Team Academic Award
               Conference Co-Academic Champions
               Glenda Prom - Section 6AA Coach of the Year
               All-Section Team:  Abbey Medelberg, Colleen Zadoo, Gabby Heying
               All-Conference:  Abbey Medelberg, Colleen Zadoo, Gabby Heying
               All-Area Team:  Gabby Heying, Abbey Medelberg
               All-Area Honorable Mention:  Colleen Zadoo

Alpine Ski - Boys':
             Section - 3rd place

Alpine Ski - Girls':
            Section - 6th place

Basketball - Boys':
          Section Champions
          State  - 3rd place (highest finish ever for boys basketball)
          All Tournament Team:  Mitchell Plombon '18 and Michael Schaefer '18
          All Area:  Michael Schaefer, Mitchell Plombon
          All Area Honorable Mention:  Nick Schaefer
          Minnesota Coaches' Association All-Star series:  Michael Schaefer and Mitchell Plombon
          All Conference:  Michael Schaefer, Mitchell Plombon, Nick Schaefer

Basketball - Girls':
          Kate Tomczik '18 - 1,000th point (vs. Little Falls, Feb. 15)
          Megan Voit '19 - 1,000th point (vs. Little Falls, Feb. 15)
          KNSI Player of the Week (Week of Feb. 19):  Kate Tomczik and Megan Voit
          Megan Voit ' 19 - Broke 3-pointers-in-a-season record on March 3rd (record was 81)
          Section - 2nd place
          All Area:  Megan Voit
          All Area Honorable Mention:  Kate Tomczik, Meg Januschka
          Granite Ridge/Central Minnesota Conference Challenge Participant:  Kate Tomczik
          Granite Ridge Conference Academic Champions
          All Conference:  Megan Voit, Kate Tomczik, Meg Januschka
          All Conference Honorable Mention:  Hallie Hupf, Abbey Medelberg

Dance Team:
          Conference Champions:  Kick and Jazz
          All-Conference (Kick):  Paige Wensmann, Allie SiaSu, Kenzie Novak, and Claire Peterson
          All-Conference (Jazz): Maddy Doble, Kate Bowe, Maddie Tadych, and Katelyn Kedrowski
           Section:  3rd place in Jazz and Kick
           State Meet:  Jazz - 5th, Kick, 4th
           Academic Team Award
           All State Academic -  Allie Sia Su '18
           All State Kick Team - Kate Bowe '18
           All State Jazz Team - Katelyn Kedrowski '19
           All Tournament Jazz Team - Kate Bowe ' 18, Kenzie Novak '18
           All Tournament Kick Team - Maddy Doble '18, Paige Wensmann '18
           Minnesota Association of Dance Team "Rookie of the Year Coach" - Marissa Haakonson
           All Area Team:  Maddy Doble, Paige Wensmann

Gymnastics (co-op with Tech):
          Conference Champions (Central Lakes Conference)
          Section Champions
          State  - 8th place (Team)

Hockey - Boys':
           Hockey Day Minnesota Participant
           Nate Warner '20 - 100th career point (vs. Wadena-Deer Creek on Feb. 20. 2018)
           Section - 2nd place
           All Area:  Jeron Hirschfeld, Nate Warner, Jack Smith
           All Area Honorable Mention:  Mack Motzko, Blake Perbix
           St. Cloud Times Player of the Year:  Nate Warner

Hockey - Girls' (co-op with Tech & Apollo):
          Hockey Day Minnesota Participant
          All Section:  Emilyi Musielewicz, Sophia O'Neal, Allie Cornleius, Gabbie Rud
          All Area:  Alli Cornelius, Emily Musielewicz, Sophia O'Neal, Emily Musielewicz (Tech), Gabby Rud (Tech)
          All Area Honorable Mention:  Brooke Arvidson

Nordic Ski - Boys' (co-op with Sartell):
          All Conference:  Alex Nemeth (Sartell)
          All Conference Honorable Mention:  Ben Boelter, Zach Nemeth (both Sartell skiers)
          All-Area Honorable Mention:  Riley Halstrom
          Conference:  2nd place
          Section Champions
          State - 5th place (Team)

Nordic Ski - Girls' (co-op with Sartell):
          All Conference Honorable Mention:  Collette Jemming, Lydia Anderson (both Sartell skiers)
          Conference:  3rd place

         Conference Champions
         Individual Conference Champions:  Rebecca Morris, McKenna Siegfried, Ceil Maus-Conn, Keagan Kearney, Sarah Dvoracek, Celine Schoenecker, Claire Dvoracek, Anna Penticuff, Maeve Miley, Elyse Lewandowski, and JJ Pffeifer
         Section:  2nd place
         State Participants:  Celine Schoenecker, Liz Hamak, Ellie Botz, Tricia Castro, Kian Sia Su, Kathleen Thompson, Sydney Wolf
         State:  Celine Schoenecker - 3rd in Humorous, Ellie Botz - 6th in Storytelling

Swim & Dive - Boys' (co-op with Tech):

Wrestling (co-op with Tech):

        Tyler Bautch  - Minnesota Baseball Coaches' All-Star Series participant
        Coach Bob Karn will be inducted into the National High School Athletic Coaches' Association Hall of Fame in June 2018.
         Section Champions
         State Participant
         All-Area Team:  Tyler Bautch
         All-Area Honorable Mention:  Rudy Sauerer, James Anderson
         All-Conference:  Tyler Bautch, James Anderson, Rudy Sauerer, Sam Hanson

Golf - Boys':
       Section Champions (Team)
       Mitchell Stang & Nate Martin - 5th in Section (individual)
       State :  6th place  (Will Freeman finished 27th and Nate Martin 34th)
       All-Conference:  Will Freeman, Mitchell Stang, Zander Bieniek, Nate Martin|
       All-Area:  Will Freeman, Nate Martin
       St. Cloud Times Boys Golfer of the Year:  Will Freeman

Golf - Girls':
      KNSI Athlete of the week (week of April 30):  Taylor Mathiasen
      KNSI Athlete of the week (week of April 30):  Larkin Vangsness
      All-Conference:  Maria Williams, Taylor Mathiasen
      All-Conference Honorable Mention:  Ashley Stolt, Molly Herker
      All Area Honorable Mention:  Maria Williams

Lacrosse - Boys':
      KNSI Athlete of the week (week of April 23):  Lucas Rykhus

Lacrosse - Girls':

        KNSI Athlete of the week (week of May 21):  Gabby Heying
        KNSI Athlete of the week (week of May 29):  Megan Voit
        Conference Co-MVP:  Megan Voit
        Sub-Section:  2nd place
        All-Conference:  Kateri Fischer, Gabby Heying, Megan Voit, Abbey Medelberg, Maddy Chopp
       All-Conference Honorable Mention:  Claire Ramler, Andrea Decker
       All Area:  Megan Voit, Gabby Heying

Tennis - Boys':

Track & Field:
          KNSI Athlete of the Week (week of April 16th):  Cole Tetrault
          All-Conference Honorable Mention:  Mitchell Silkman