A Message from the Principal

Dear Parents,

Please prayerfully and seriously consider opening your home to an international student for the 2014-2015 school year. Host families are the heart and soul of any successful international program.
Here are the students that currently need a host family for Fall 2014:

Jiajing Yang (Peter)- Peter enrolled at CHS in the fall of 2013 and is completing his 10th grade year. He comes from Beijing, China. He is trained in Calligraphy and has won awards for his work. In his first year at Cathedral, Peter participated on the JV soccer and tennis teams. He will not be eligible for any MNHSL activities next year.

The following are all new to Cathedral: Zhijian Liu (Joey) - He is from Yichun City, China. He will be in 11th grade. Joey's parents are in the hotel business. He intends to study business himself. He describes himself as honest, generous, and loves to make new friends. He also enjoys sports (especially soccer). He wants a host family that is easy to talk with.

Pedro Llompart - Pedro is from the island of Majorca, Spain. He will be in 11th grade at Cathedral and intends to return to CHS for his senior year. Pedro describes himself as "a family and sports oriented person who likes to meet new people." He also says he is respectful, obeys rules and looks for friends who are into sports and healthy living. His mother says, "we are convinced that Pedro's host family will enjoy his kindness and joy of life. He is a boy who will be the delight of the parents for his obedience and good habits."

Zhe Xhang (John) -John will be a 10th grader at CHS. He is from Shenzhen, China. John enjoys sports a lot - especially street dance, basketball, and tennis. He wants to come to the US to "improve my English and get a better learning environment, to make new friends and experience different cultures." John's English teacher describes him as a "self-confident, sunshine and easy-going boy."

Please let me know if you want more information on any of these students. As always,THANK YOU for your partnership to build a better Cathedral! Together we can make a difference in the world, support diversity and cross-cultural understanding in the community, learn about new cultures and languages, and create international friendships that last a lifetime. Warmest Regards,

Rebecca Brown-Medvec
Associate Director of Advancement for International Programs
Cathedral School