A Message to Parents

Dear Parents,


Any 9th grade parents who have not yet volunteered to chaperone the after dance event, you are still welcome to come Saturday night, 11:15 to 1:15 pm at the YMCA to help chaperone and meet other 9th grade parents.

The planned sophomore group event for Homecoming is not going to take place. There weren't enough students who indicated an interest in an event like that.  

Tickets for the Homecoming Dance will be on sale through tomorrow (Friday), but they are not available at the door.  Tickets are $10.

The Homecoming Dance concludes at 11:30 pm.  

We have had a great Homecoming Week.  The Color Run yesterday was once again a huge hit, and the weather was perfect.  Tomorrow is Blue and Gold Day.  

You are all invited to join the Cathedral Tailgating at SCSU that begins at 5:00 pm right outside the stadium.  It looks like another beautiful day, so we are hoping for a record turnout. 


Students in grades 10-12 have an opportunity, in February, to travel to Washington, D.C. and participate in the Close Up Program.  Much more than a field trip, Close Up Washington, D.C. is an exciting, weeklong study-visit to the nation's capital, where students will have the opportunity to experience the government and political process firsthand.  While most visitors to the city only see its monuments and museums, Close Up Washington, D.C. participants get an insider's view of the people and places that make the city unique.  An informational meeting for parents and students will be held on Monday, Oct. 5 at 7:00 pm in C118.  If you have questions, please contact Darcy Frank-Henrichs at dfrank@cathedralcrusaders.org or 251-3421, ext. 305.


Parents of Seventh Graders and all new students: we will host a parent meeting on Oct. 6 (7:00 pm) - just to welcome you and answer questions now that we have been in school for a month.  More information will be coming. 

5.  Senior pictures for the yearbook should be sent to:


All senior pictures must be in by November 1. The yearbook staff says the earlier, the better!  Pictures need to be at least 300 DPI, color or black & white. The photo must be appropriate for the Cathedral yearbook (not provocative or too revealing).  These may be sent via email, disk, flash drive, or paper copy to zniewskimegan@cathedralstudent.org. The picture will be placed in a 3 X 3 box.  If the picture does not fit, the yearbook staff will crop to the necessary size. 


Senior baby ads for the yearbook are also due Nov. 1 

Page Size          Measurements       Cost         Options

Eighth page       2.75" by 4"           $60           1 picture, 50 words

Quarter page     5.5" by 4"             $80           1 picture, 100 words

                                                                        2 pictures, 50 words

Half page          6" by 8.5"             $100         1 picture, 150 words

                                                                        2 pictures, 100 words

                                                                        3 pictures, 50 words 


Send these baby ads to leintzalexandra@cathedralstudent.org or you may send them to the Mail Office or drop them off in the Main Office. 


Lynn Grewing