A Message to Parents

Dear Parents,

1. An important message from our President Mike Mullin:

We're Moving Forward!

We're building, we're growing, we're strengthening, we're including, we're expeanding

What other exciting vocabulary should we use?

This past Friday the Members of the Cathedral Corporation (that's Bishop Donald and the nine Pastors) voted unanimously to proceed with Cathedral's goals #8 and #9 from the Master Plan 2018 within a much broader, exciting, and more comprehensive context.

The broader and more comprehensive context - happily welcomed by us - is the inclusion of the E - 6 (that's early childhood through grade #6 if you're not up on the lingo) program under the umbrella of our campaign and Catholic Community Schools.  It also includes the assumption that this is but the first of many campaigns to come - all aimed at strengthening our Catholic Schools.

We have been working toward this green light go-ahead for more than six years.  We're thrilled.

Now, none of this will work or even come close to working if each os us doesn't roll up our collective and individual sleeves to work harder and to be more generous than we, as a community, have probably been since 1957 - the culminating year of the capital project which resulted in the signature south (main) classroom building.

In the days, weeks, and months ahead we will send you more detailed information as it becomes available.  Though we've been working on this for a number of years, we have not wanted to presume anything and have tried neither to put the cart before the horse...nor to count our chickens before they've hatched.  With this vote of support and encouragement, we will now move forward immediately to put a tactical plan in place for raising the money, putting the final functional design on the building, and coordinating the remaining essential elements. 

Welcome to a new era for Cathedral and the local Catholic elementary schools!

2. Winter Sports Registration is open !  If your son or daughter is planning to play a winter sport, please register them soon via our Activities page on our website.  If you are a returning user and do not remember your user phone/password, please email jmurphy@cathedralcrusaders.org.  Just a reminder that Competitive Dance Team starts on Oct. 19 and 7/8 Boys' Basketball and Girls' Hockey start on Oct. 26.  All other winter sports starter after October. 

3. A message from Father Ben:

Dear Parents, 

It is my hope to do a weekly column to connect a little bit with you.  We had an extraordinary week with Pope Francis! From reading his homilies and speeches from his very busy schedule, he really left us with an impression that he is close to us in his prayers and his intentions.  Rather than being that "equal opportunity disturber" that so many people thought would define his visit and approach, he, more than anything else expressed compassion and encouragement to all of us as we address the serious issues in our world today.  With his smile he gave us a sense of real hope in the presence and power of God and together taking responsibility.  Let us pray for the Pope and let us pray for ourselves, that we might move forward with that real hope that is found in Jesus!  - Father Ben



Lynn Grewing