A Message to Parents

Dear Parents,

1. Tomorrow is Exploration Day at Cathedral.  We will be welcoming 6th grade students from the area Catholic grade schools.  It's a fun day with a serious purpose.  We hope that all of these sixth graders choose to attend Cathedral next year. Our 8th graders have their class retreat tomorrow at St. Peter's.

2. One of the important topics of professional development here at Cathedral relates to resiliency in our students.  We want to foster the ability to go forward after stumbling or even failing. Young people must be allowed to make mistakes and recover from them.  Facing and recovering from small mistakes as a teenager will provide the knowledge and ability to recover and go forward as an adult.  Expecting students to always have perfect grades does not allow them to learn important lessons about picking one's self up and going forward.  Mistakes are sometimes the best way to learn, and certainly provide an opportunity for important conversations. Please do not expect your teen to be perfect all the time, or to never make mistakes.   We want them to be able to bounce back, and to understand that life is full of mistakes and even failures.  Resiliency is much more valuable than any kind of perfection.  

3. Winter Sports Registration is open !  If your son or daughter is planning to play a winter sport, please register them soon via our Activities page on our website.  If you are a returning user and do not remember your user phone/password, please email jmurphy@cathedralcrusaders.org.  Just a reminder that Competitive Dance Team starts on Oct. 19 and 7/8 Boys' Basketball and Girls' Hockey start on Oct. 26.  All other winter sports starter after October. 

3. A message from Father Ben:

Dear Parents,

This is an exciting time in the life of our Church where we see Pope Francis’ leadership moving the hearts of people of all faiths and backgrounds! I was just reading a report where many people on Wall Street were interviewed as they were on their commute to their jobs. Many had positive things to say about the Pope’s words, even comments that he is right to mention some of the abuses of capitalism. They felt he was right to address them as a moral leader. Continuing with his leadership, in Rome, as you know, there is a special “synod” going on. This is a gathering of over 360 participants including Archbishops, heads of Eastern Churches, 18 married couples and more. They will discuss the the theme “The vocation and mission of the family in the Church and the contemporary world”. This past year, they have collected data about family life from around the world and their discussion will take place from this past October 4th to October 25th. Please pray for them! Even consider doing some fasting or something out of the ordinary. The Holy Spirit really speaks during these discussions! We await the fruits of this assembly that will address our complex and sometimes very difficult family realities today. 
Fr. Ben


Lynn Grewing