A Message to Parents

Dear Parents,

1. Winter Sports Meetings are tonight! (Monday, Oct. 26) at 7:00 pm

7-12 Nordic Ski - Parents and Athletes in Commons                                  

9-12 Girls' Basketball - Parents and Athletes in Center Gym                      

9-12 Boys' Basketball - Parents only in North Gym                                    

Boys' Hockey - Parents only in Library                                                      

Girls' Hockey - Parents and Athletes in Holy Angels                                  

7-12 Wrestling - Parents and Athletes @ Tech, Room 41 at 6 pm.

2. Point of Impact Driver Education Supplemental Parent Program
If you have a son or daughter whose 16th birthday is after January 1, 2015, be advised that the State of Minnesota is requiring that they document their practice driving hours with a parent or guardian and submit this documentation when they apply for their road test and license.
I have provided all students with a form to do this in classroom driver's education.  If they have lost it simply write down the date, times they drove, and keep a cumulative total until you can get a new form from me. They MUST have the appropriate form.
The State of Minnesota will require you to provide documentation that you have driven 50 hours with a supervising driver of which 15 are night driving.  Or, if a parent participates in a parent driver education training meeting, this can be reduced to 40 hours of which 15 are at night. The first opportunity to attend a POINT OF IMPACT parent driver education meeting will be on Monday, Novemeber 16 from 6:30 pm to 8:00 pm in Room S103 at Cathedral. 
Please rsvp to Mr. Bjornstad if you are planning to attend by sending an email to bbjornstad@cathedralcrusaders.org with your child's full legal name and date of birth as well as the parent name who will be attending.
Bob Bjornstad
Health Education
Driver's Education
Cathedral High School
312 7th Avenue North
St. Cloud, MN 56303

3. A note from Father Ben:

Dear Parents,

This week at CHS we will celebrating the saints leading up to All Saints Day which is on a Sunday. Our faith teaches us that all of us is called to be a saints! You and I do have that ability to become one if we keep opening our hearts to God. Even if we are struggling with big issues, God does not delight in our pain but God can even be using that to give us the ability to become holy! Sometimes we look at the lives of the saint and we think: “Gee, I will never measure up”. But the saints are not meant to paralyze. They are meant to inspire us and be living proof of what God’s grace can do in us if we allow it. They remind us that the call to holiness is for people of all personalities and times and not just for priests and nuns! Pope Francis just canonized Louie and  Zelie Martin who were the parents of St. Therese of Lisieux. What a great event! Two parents being canonized together! Pope Francis wants to show us that it is very possible!

 4. A few parents have asked us to repeat the senior picture and baby ad information:

Senior pictures for the yearbook should be sent to:


All senior pictures must be in by November 1. The yearbook staff says the earlier, the better!  Pictures need to be at least 300 DPI, color or black & white. The photo must be appropriate for the Cathedral yearbook (not provocative or too revealing).  These may be sent via email, disk, flash drive, or paper copy to zniewskimegan@cathedralstudent.org. The picture will be placed in a 3 X 3 box.  If the picture does not fit, the yearbook staff will crop to the necessary size. 


Senior baby ads for the yearbook are also due Nov. 1 

Page Size          Measurements       Cost         Options

Eighth page       2.75" by 4"           $60           1 picture, 50 words

Quarter page     5.5" by 4"             $80           1 picture, 100 words

                                                                        2 pictures, 50 words

Half page          6" by 8.5"             $100         1 picture, 150 words

                                                                        2 pictures, 100 words

                                                                        3 pictures, 50 words 


Send these baby ads to leintzalexandra@cathedralstudent.org or you may send them to the Mail Office or drop them off in the Main Office. 


Lynn Grewing