A Message to Parents

Dear Parents,

Correction to my earlier message: Mrs. Rick will be at conferences tonight, but not on Monday.

1. Our fall Parent/Teacher conferences are tonight (Nov. 5) and next Monday (Nov. 9), 4:00 to 7:00 pm.  Mr. Hoffman is unable to be here tonight, but will be here on Monday, and Ms. Rick will be here tonight, but not on Monday.  Also, Mr. and Mrs. Flynn will not be here 6:00 to 7:00 pm. The high school teachers are located in the North Gym and the middle school teachers are in the Cafeteria.  Report cards are handed out at conferences.  If you are unable to make it to conferences, the report cards will be mailed out. We have some wonderful students who are offering babysitting during conferences tonight.  They will be located in the Conference Room in the South Building.

2. Parent/Teacher Conferences and Cheesecake Factory Cheesecakes - Barnes & Noble will be providing sample cheesecake at the upcoming conferences! You will also have the opportunity to pre purchase a whole cheesecake in order to support the CHS Library. Each cheesecake includes 14 very large, pre-sliced pieces. Consider buddying up with a friend and sharing the cheesecake! Five flavors will be available to order. These cheesecakes can be frozen and used throughout the upcoming holiday season and beyond. The cost for each cheesecake is $36.00, with up to $9.00 of that amount coming right back to our school library. Ordered cheesecakes can be picked up at the CHS book fair held at Barnes & Noble in St Cloud on Sunday, December 6th. Come to conferences, enjoy a taste, and bring your checkbook (cash and credit cards also work) to make a purchase


3. The 7th/8th grade students will have their first Activity Night on Friday (Nov. 6), 6:30 to 9:00 pm in the North Gym.  This is a fun, safe opportunity for our students to socialize and play some games together. Please be sure to pick your son/daughter up promptly at 9:00 pm.

We need parent chaperones.  If you are willing to do that, just click back to this eblast.  

4. A note about a chance to help CHS students serve the world:
CHS hosts an annual mission trip to Africa to promote service and sacrifice. In June, 2016, 24 students are heading to Tanzania. For a fundraiser, the students are taking orders for Thirty-One products. Thirty-One provides quality totes, handbags, storage containers and jewelry that can be customized. 
Nicole Gosling will donate 20% of all sales to help fund this life-changing service trip. A folder which explains the fundraiser, including the 2015 Fall-Winter Collection, is available to view in the CHS Main Office. Products and displays will also be available at many of the home sporting events in November. December specials will become available on/about 11/25/15, but all orders need to be submitted (on-line or in the orders forms in the back of the folder in the office) by Saturday, December 5, 2015 to ensure delivery for Christmas gifts. Thanks for supporting this life-changing mission.

5. If you are new to Cathedral: we have an annual Grandparents' Day the day before Thanksgiving (Nov. 25, this year).  It is one of the highlights of the whole school year.  Please let us know if you have grandparents that we should invite.  If they have already attended, they will automatically receive an invitation.  Send names and address to Rose in the Main Office, either rmarsyla@cathedralcrusaders.org or 320-251-3421 - or you can register them online through the front page of our website.

6. Point of Impact Driver Education Supplemental Parent Program:

If you have a son or daughter whose 16th birthday is after January 1, 2015, be advised that the State of Minnesota is requiring that they document their practice driving hours with a parent or guardian and submit this documentation when they apply for their road test and license. 

I have provided all students with a form to do this in classroom driver's education.  If they have lost it, simply write down the date, times they drove, and keep a cummulative total until you can get a new form from me.  They MUST have the appropriate form.

The State of Minnesota will require you to provide documentation that the student has driven 50 hours with a supervising driver of which 15 are night driving.  Or, if a parent particiaptes in a parent driver education training meeting, this can be reduced to 40 hours of which 15 are at night.  The first opportunity to attend a POINT OF IMPACT parent driver education meeting will be Monday, Nov. 16 from 6:30 to 8:00 pm in Room S103 at Cathedral. Please rsvp to Mr. Bjornstad if you are planning to attend by sending an email to bbjornstad@cathedralcrusaders.org with your child's full legal name and date of birth as well as the parent name who will be attending. 


Lynn Grewing