A Message to Parents

Dear Parents,

Go for the Gold!  We are encouraging everyone to wear gold to the hockey game tonight.  Cathedral's colors are blue and gold, so we want to make our presence known - gold out for Cathedral hockey!

Here's the plan for the first state tournament hockey game tonight, which is slated to start at 8:00 pm, and could start much later than that if the games are running behind.  That means our students might get home very late.  Thursday will be a 2-hour late start for everyone. School will begin at 10:10 am.  The school will be open as usual if  you need to drop your students off at the regular time.  There will be supervision in the library. 

If our hockey team should win tonight, watch for Friday plans tomorrow

If you can't make it to the hockey game, please come and cheer on the boys' basketball team vs. Braham at 7:45 at St. John's!


Lynn Grewing