A Message to Parents

Dear Parents,
1. There is a Fine Arts Association Benefitthis Tuesday May 24th at 7pm. in Holy Angels. Students and teachers will be showcasing their art, whether that be music, theatre, or visual art.
2.The National Honor Society is hosting a summer blood drive on Friday, June 3 in the CHS Commons. Go to redcrossblood.org and enter the sponsor code: Cathedral HS, to make an appointment (9AM-2PM).
Family and friends of CHS are welcome!!
Contact Darcy Frank-Henrichs at dfrank@cathedralsrusaders.org with questions.

3. Your students will be handing in their laptops this week. Be sure to include all of the pieces that they were given in the fall or you will be charged for these.
4. For Senior Parents:The Decoration Committee will be accepting enlargements through Thursday of this week (May 26th). You or your senior may drop them off in the office by this Thursday. We need your help. ENLARGEMENTS AND POSTERS OF YOUR KID AND FRIENDS NEEDED!
In past years the venue has been decorated with 8-10 small pictures from the family of each graduate. This year we are NOT doing picture decorating that way. Instead we would appreciate if your family would DONATE at least 1-2 enlargements (minimum of 8x10 but the bigger, the better) of senior activities. These can be from elementary on up to high school and should include at least one senior in each picture. We DON'T want the formal pics that teams take, we are looking for candid, fun shots. This is not a surprise so have your senior help you find some fun pics!Examples: Grade school graduations or First Communion of CHS seniors, bus rides, team dinners, Halloween parties, Voyageurs, Rome or Spain trip, school dances (i.e., Snodaze, prom, homecoming), play practice, informal gatherings at houses, as fans at all sporting events or activities, clubs, etc. There are really too many to mention but that gives you an idea.Your picture will NOT be returned. However, if your senior wants to find the picture and take it back home, they are responsible for doing so. End of the night the seniors can take pictures off the wall. This is a very inexpensive way to help out all night party budget.
Examples at area photo labs:
Sam's Club $1.58 for 8x 10 11 x 14 for $3.96 16x 20 for $6.96
Target $2.89 for 8x 10 11x14 for $8.79 16x 20 for $19.79
Walgreens $3.99 for 8x 10 enlargements from $10.99
Most of the time the photo labs can be done in one hour and many can be placed online to pick up at a later date. Most of the time they can make a print from the small print that you have. All of these photo places are very willing to help you place your order. The above named were the ones I could find online. Please contact chsdecorationcommittee@gmail.com
Thanks in advance for making this a memorable night!
Libby Auger

5.Cathedral Summer Camps (Ages 3-12th grade): Camp registrations are filling up! Make sure to register for camp by Friday, May 20th in order to receive a Cathedral t-shirt. Registrations are available via mail and online. Visit the website for a camp brochure: http://www.cathedralcrusaders.org/summer-camps

6. Here is the link to David Eickoff's pictures from prom:http://dpeickhoff.smugmug.com/School/2016CHSProm/n-MwtVzd
from Little Women: http://dpeickhoff.smugmug.com/School/LittleWomen16/n-S2fDMb

7. Here is the link to prom pictures taken by Brady Hughes.
From Brady: Parents are free to download or use the images however they wish. They can even order copies from my website at no additional markup.
Prom 2016 Link: http://bit.ly/CathedralProm2016
Brady Hughs
Hughs Photographywww.bradyhughs.com
8. Senior Parents: if you haven't turned in your letter for Baccalaureate, please, please do that now. It will be sad if we have seniors who don't receive a letter from parents during Baccalaureate.
Lynn Grewing