A Message to Parents


Dear Parents,
1. Information for Senior Parents about yearbook photos:

Senior Picture Info: All senior pictures must be in by November 1. The yearbook staff says the earlier, the better!  Pictures need to be at least 300 DPI, color or black & white. The photo must be appropriate for the Cathedral yearbook (not provocative or too revealing).  These may be sent via email, disk, flash drive, or paper copy to skochenskihannah@cathedralstudent.org. The picture will be placed in a 3 X 3 box.  If the picture does not fit, the yearbook staff will crop to the necessary size.

Baby Picture Info: Celebrate your senior with a baby ad in this year’s yearbook! The deadline for having baby ads turned in will be November 1

Please have your ads in by this date in order to give the yearbook staff to have enough time to place them into the book! To turn the ad in, either email it to myself at skochenskihannah@cathedralstudent.org or send the ad to the Main Office. We will send any hard copy pictures back to you as soon as we are finished with them. In order for this process to run smoothly, we ask that when your ad is turned in, all parts are sent to us at the same time.
Let me know if you have any questions! 

Thanks, Hannah Skockenski Yearbook Senior Editor

Page Size    Measurements Cost  Options

Eighth Page: 2.75” by 4”    $65: 1 picture 50 words

Quarter Page: 5.5” by 4”     $85:1 picture and 100 words or 2 pictures and 50 words

Half Page: 6” by 8.5”          $110:1 picture and 150 words, 2 pictures and 100 words, or 3 pictures and 50 words


 2. Homecoming and Prom Dress Exchange: Bring in and donate your dresses from past Homecoming and Prom dances and we will have a dress exchange. This will be a fun way for your daughter to find a “new” dress for the upcoming Homecoming dance. This dress exchange will be done at no cost.

What: Bring in your past formal dresses (homecoming and prom) to the office at CHS by Friday, September 9. When you bring in a dress you will have the opportunity to pick out a new dress on the first exchange “shopping” day.
When: Exchange “shopping” days will happen September 12-16 before Homecoming and then again in the spring for Prom. If you bring in a dress you will be able to shop the first day and then everyone else is welcomed to shop on the following days. All of the dresses will be free, but we would encourage you to return the dress after the dance so that we can reuse it again for next year.
Thanks for helping to make our dances fun and affordable!


3. Support Cathedral Volleyball: Sunday, Sept. 11 5-8 pm at the Blue Line South.  20% of food and drink profit will come back to our volleyball program. 

4. One more time: Homecoming is just a little over a month away; we do have a dress code at our formal dances, so please keep these restrictions in mind:

  • dresses should be longer than fingertip length when arms are straight.
  • dresses should be modest, meaning nothing low cut or too revealing; strapless dresses or dresses with spaghetti straps are allowed as long as they cover adequately
  • no bare midriff, or cutouts with skin showing
  • dresses should have backs that are not too low or revealing

We don't want to have to send anyone home because of an inappropriate dress.  That would certainly ruin the event for her.  We ask that parents determine if the dress is modest beforehand. Please make sure that your daughter tries her dress on for you, and that it meets our dress code for formal dances.  If you have any questions about its appropriateness, send me a photo.  

5. A reminder that Cathedral students do not carry backpacks during the school day.  The main reason has to do with their laptops, which should never be placed inside a backpack.  Help your student problem solve about which books need to be taken home at night.  If the student has access to an online text, there's no need to carry a heavy book back and forth. 


Lynn Grewing