A Message to Parents

Dear Parents,

1. The 9th hour on Thursday was put in place last year in order to give our teachers time during the school day for valuable professional development. We received high praise for initiating this time when the accreditation team was here last spring.  It's important that parents understand that this time is intended as extra study time for students also, not time to be excused early.  Students may access teachers, visit the library, have their computer checked, or meet in small groups to work on a project.  It's school time.  Please do not call and ask to have your child excused early. Only seniors have that privilege.  If your student rides home with a senior, please ask them to stay until the end of the day or try to make other arrangements.  If this time is not respected as worthwhile study time, we will no longer be able to offer our teachers this opportunity to meet every other week with their colleagues to discuss teaching strategies and new ideas in pedagogy. Obviously, doctor and dentist appointments will still be excused absences during that time. We respectfully ask that you treat Thursdays like every other day with the school day ending at 3:00 pm.

2. An important reminder: Cathedral is a peanut and tree nut free school.  Our lunch program is peanut free, and it is very important that any treats/snacks that are brought into the school or to a school activity are peanut free.  The only way to know that a product is peanut free is to read the label.  We will post a list of "safe" products on our website, but even those can change.  The only way to be absolutely sure about an item is to read the label.

3. We are also a fragrance free school, and that includes our Homecoming Dance at Atwood Center on Saturday night.  Please make sure that your student knows that she cannot bring scented hairspray or perfume to the dance. 


4. There are seven homecoming dresses ranging in size from 1 to 8 that are available to any student for free.  They will be located in the Main Office.  Thanks to everyone for bringing in their dresses.  We will continue to collect your formal dresses to be used for prom and homecoming. 

5. From Father Ben: CHS is offering a pilgrimage to Rome, Italy for the summer of 2017! Students enjoy a 16 day trip to the "eternal city” and Italian countryside where they can grow in their faith, encounter the Italian culture and food, and learn about history! They earn two college credits while learning and having a blast! We will have an information meeting Sunday, September 25th at 7 PM in the CHS conference room by the cafeteria. Patrick Flynn and I will cover details such as itinerary, cost, fundraising and any other questions you might have! You don’t need to be committed yet.
Fr. Ben


Information for Senior Parents about yearbook photos:

Senior Picture Info: All senior pictures must be in by November 1. The yearbook staff says the earlier, the better!  Pictures need to be at least 300 DPI, color or black & white. The photo must be appropriate for the Cathedral yearbook (not provocative or too revealing).  These may be sent via email, disk, flash drive, or paper copy to skochenskihannah@cathedralstudent.org. The picture will be placed in a 3 X 3 box.  If the picture does not fit, the yearbook staff will crop to the necessary size.

Baby Picture Info: Celebrate your senior with a baby ad in this year’s yearbook! The deadline for having baby ads turned in will be November 1

Please have your ads in by this date in order to give the yearbook staff to have enough time to place them into the book! To turn the ad in, either email it to myself at skochenskihannah@cathedralstudent.org or send the ad to the Main Office. We will send any hard copy pictures back to you as soon as we are finished with them. In order for this process to run smoothly, we ask that when your ad is turned in, all parts are sent to us at the same time.
Let me know if you have any questions! 

Thanks, Hannah Skockenski Yearbook Senior Editor

Page Size    Measurements Cost  Options

Eighth Page: 2.75” by 4”    $65: 1 picture 50 words

Quarter Page: 5.5” by 4”     $85:1 picture and 100 words or 2 pictures and 50 words

Half Page: 6” by 8.5”          $110:1 picture and 150 words, 2 pictures and 100 words, or 3 pictures and 50 words




Lynn Grewing