A Message to Parents

Dear Parents,

1. Just in case!  Here is our procedure for Snow Days:

  • We expect students to learn via technology on this day.
  • We count this as a day of school and we don't make this day up.
  • Teachers are expected to post their assignments by 10:00 am.
  • All assignments will be posted under "Updates" on each teacher's Schoology page.  Students are accustomed to getting their assignments that way.
  • They will also post "office hours" so that they can be reached with questions.
  • Assignments are due the next day.
  • If your internet is not working, please notify me via email, and your student will have additional time to complete the lessons. 

The first time we did this, a snow day occurred before our planned practice day, so I want to be ready just in case the predicted snow store hits us harder than expected!  We will be sharing this same message with students and teachers today. 

2. Calendar item: the Ice Breaker hockey spaghetti dinner is on December 2nd at the Moose. More info to come.

3. Cathedral/Sartell Nordic Ski Team Poinsettia Sale now through Nov 21st.This is a fundraiser that benefits the Nordic Ski Team. The Poinsettias are beautiful, festive plants from the St Cloud Floral. Red, White, Pink, Marble are $15 each and the Blue with Sparkles in honor of Ellie Sovada is $20. Plants are delivered to CHS Wednesday, Nov 30th.  To place an order,  please contact a Nordic skier or Sue Sovada at rsonpark@gmail.com. Thank You.



Lynn Grewing