A Message to Parents

Dear Parents,

We arrived at school today to a watery mess in Holy Angels. A sprinkler went off at about 1:40 am.  Water flooded the stage and seeped down into the band room below. So Donnell Lastine Chopp has spent her day going through wet music and equipment.  We have called in a cleaning/restoration company. 

This episode changes our concert season.  We will cancel our Middle School Concert scheduled for Dec. 6 (both the band and choir). Right now our bands do not have a place to rehearse or to perform.  Our High School Band Concert on Dec. 12 is still up in the air.  We will know more after a few days of work on the stage and the band room. 

The JV play scheduled for Dec. 9 & 10 will be rescheduled for some time in January.

This was actually the second day of water where it shouldn't be. The warm weather and melting snow caused some roof leaks in the North Gym.  We had a couple inches of water in the upper hallway of the North Gym. Fortunately no water hit our recently refinished gym floor. 

Our students and teachers are accomplishing great things in an old building. It's time for a new school!


We are always looking for additional substitute teachers. If you are interested in subbing for us, just click back to this email and we can talk about how that can happen.  Subs teach seven periods a day. Cathedral's sub pay is $120 a day.


Lynn Grewing