A Message to Parents

Dear Parents,

Our students have been learning about the power of prayer.  Last Friday, approximately 100 students gathered before school to say the rosary for Patrick McMullen and Cade Anderson. Many of us (adults) felt privileged to be a part of this experience. These students were very engaged, respectful, and prayerful.

From Parent Council:  Our next Parent Council Meeting is next Tuesday, January 17th.  We will be meeting 11:30AM, South Bldg Lower level Conference Room.  This month's agenda we will be looking for volunteers to assist with freshman class sponsored staff treats. Our featured speakers will be Laurie Keene, Director of Advancement and Jeremy Meyer, Director of International Studies.   All are welcome.  Hope to see you there. 

Let’s clear up some misconceptions about our admissions process. Cathedral does not recruit student athletes.  This belief gets perpetuated when students who are talented athletes choose to come to Cathedral.  Our coaches have not persuaded these students to choose Cathedral, and there are no incentives offered to get them here.  That means no playing time promises or financial aid incentives have been offered.  In fact, I have been present when a coach has discouraged an athlete from coming to Cathedral just for a sport.  As a member of the Minnesota State High School League, Cathedral is obligated to refrain from any kind of recruiting.  According to the MSHSL Handbook, “Any verbal or written contact initiated by a representative of another school soliciting the transfer of a high schoolstudent or junior high school student to participate in a sport will be considered as asserting undue influence, for which the school may be publicly censured, removed from tournament competition, or suspended from the League.”When a talented athlete from another school registers at Cathedral, we frequently are accused of recruiting.  It’s simply not true.  Are we going to turn down the application of a talented athlete? No, we embrace them into the Cathedral family just like any other student applicant.  Any family is welcome to apply for financial aid, and student athletes are no different.  If there is a financial need, they may receive assistance, but this has nothing to do with athletic skill or prowess.  Our Director of Finance, Kathi Sauerer makes all final financial aid decisions, and she would not even know whether a student was involved in a sport.  Please, when you hear these inaccuracies being repeated, stop and correct them.  f you are aware of parents or others who might represent they are acting on behalf of Cathedral in encouraging athletes to come here solely for the purpose of athletics, please discourage this behavior and/or report it to us.We recruit every single student at Cathedral.  We want them all! But we don’t pursue athletes any more than any other student.  


Lynn Grewing