A Message to Parents

Dear Parents,

1.As All-State Weekend for Choir and Orchestra approaches, we congratulate Cathedral seniors, Stephanie Otremba (All-State Choir) and Josie Maus-Conn (All-State Orchestra).

2.The news frequently alludes to inappropriate, even illegal, pictures and messages among adolescents and teens - usually on their phones. Unless we feel there is something involving our Wi-Fi or technology, we can't and don't check student phones. We can and do check student laptops for inappropriate content.  My experience shows that students don't use their laptops for a lot of mischief. They do that on their phones.  It is essential that parents are checking student phones.  Students have the naive belief that SnapChat pictures and messages disappear shortly after they are sent. In fact, all someone has to do is take a picture of the SnapChat, and it can be around forever. The blunt truth is that our teens often don't think inappropriate things are nearly as concerning as we adults do, or they all too easily bow to peer pressure. They don't understand the damage that can be done, nor how long-lasting it can be. You, as parents, should always have all passwords and the ability to pick up that phone and look through everything on it.  I apologize for sounding preachy, but these phone issues are really important, with far-reaching consequences. 

3. From Parent Council: Our next Parent Council Meeting is next Tuesday, February 21st.  We will be meeting 11:30AM, South Bldg Lower level Conference Room.  This month's agenda we will be following up on the topic of how to keep Parent Council an active member in the Cathedral Community, looking for volunteers to assist with 8th grade class sponsored staff treats as well as volunteers to supply desserts and/or assist with serving the teachers at our next Parent Teacher Conference, March 30th.
Our featured speakers will be Nina Steil, Associate Director of Advancement.  She will be speaking on the Celebration of Seasons of which will be taking place April 29th. What is currently in the planning and how Parent Council may be able to be more involved in making the event a success.  
All are welcome.  Hope to see you there.

4. Thanks so much to the 9th grade parents who organized and brought in all of the fixings/meats/cheeses for a sandwich bar for teachers/staff today.  We're all so grateful for treats like this!

5. We had new student registration for 2017-2018 last Thursday evening. We registered over 90 students, which puts us on track for a large 7th grade class, given that this is only February.  If you have a new student and didn't get here, please contact Matt Meyer at mmeyer@cathedralcrusaders.org.

 Our counselors are currently visiting classrooms to talk to current students about new courses, course selection, college requirements, etc. Each student will receive a Course Catalog.  Our counselors encourage students to take this home and discuss registration with their parents. Then students will register for courses online during the school day. You will receive a packet with a tuition agreement and other forms.  In order to qualify for the reduced early bird registration fee, these forms must be submitted by March 24

6. The latest Counselor newsletter is now published on the Cathedral website. Here is the link : http://www.cathedralcrusaders.org/counselor-newsletter . There are many valuable items for parents in this newsletter! Viewers can read it online with live links (click on the rectangle in the bottom right corner to enlarge) or it can be downloaded from the link below the live version.

7. Spring Sports Information:

Spring Sports Registration is open!  If your student is playing a spring sport, please register them online by today (February 16th).  Click here to get started.  (Ultimate Frisbee has a separate registration - click here).

Sports Meetings:

Monday, Feb. 20th: 
9th-12th Boys Golf (parents) - 6:00pm, Commons
Monday, Feb. 27th:
7th-12th Baseball (parents & athletes) - 6pm, Center Gym
9th-12th Softball (parents) - 6pm, Library
7th-12th Boys Tennis (parents & athletes) - 6pm, S104
7th-12th Girls Golf (parents) - 6pm, S103
7th-12th Track & Field (parents & athletes) - 7pm, Commons

**TBD on Boys and Girls Lacrosse meetings
**No meeting for 7/8 Softball or 7/8 Boys Golf - all info will be posted online.


8. Important Date Change: Our next Middle School Band/Choir Concert will be on March 7, not Feb. 28. 


Lynn Grewing