A Message to Parents

Dear Parents,

1. We're hearing rave reviews for Hello Dolly! There's still time to get tickets for tonight (7:00 pm) or Saturday afternoon and evening.  

2. Congrats to the Boys' Hockey team - another state tourney appearance! We will offer fan buses to Wednesday's game.  At this time, we probably will play the late game on Wednesday evening, but won't know for sure until late Saturday morning.  As soon as we know, Emmett and I will both post the fan bus information, so that your students could arrive on Monday with permission slip and fee. This is also premature, but if we play the late game on Wednesday (fans could get home after midnight), we'll have a 2-hour late start on Thursday.  I wish I could be more definite, but I do want to keep you informed about possibilities.

3. The Girl's Basketball team moves forward in their play-offs also.  They defeated Braham last night and will play Pine City tomorrow (Saturday) at 2:30 at St. John's. 

4. Our calendar for next year hasn't been finalized, but this much we do know: Spring Break begins on March 12.  I know that many of you book vacations a year in advance, so this is important information for you. 

5. The Crusader JO volleyball teams are having a fundraiser at the Blueline South this Sunday, March 5th from 4-7 pm.   A percentage of all food bought during that timeframe will go directly back to Crusader Juniors volleyball program!   Come support the JO volleyball program and  have some great dinner!

6. A reminder about prom dress code: two piece dresses with midriff showing are not acceptable at Cathedral's prom.  If the top overlaps the skirt, that's fine.  Students know about the expectation.  We don't want to have to send a student home from prom because they chose to ignore this dress code regulation. Please make sure that your student's formal attire fits our dress code.  We appear to be inline with other Catholic high schools.

7. We continue to work on cell phone issues.  We have asked all students to put them away at lunch in order to spend that time socializing and interacting with friends and classmates.  For some students, it has been easy; for others, much more difficult.  Many of our theology teachers are encouraging students to "give up" some phone time during Lent. Please support this campaign at home.  Here are some ideas:

  • do not allow phones at the dinner table.  One parent shared that they have a basket in the kitchen and everyone drops their phones there before sitting down to eat.
  • dinner time could become "charging time."  Have a charging station in the kitchen.
  • do not allow your teen to take their phones to bed.  Many of them admit that it's right on the pillow beside them all night long. Their excuse is that they are using it as an alarm clock, but the reality is that they are watching for or sending messages during the night.

5. Important Date Change: Our next Middle School Band/Choir Concert will be on March 7.


Lynn Grewing