A Message to Parents

Dear Parents,

We had an incident late last week here at school that was concerning. A student had a Swiss Army knife in a bag and then took it out during a class. We take this behavior very seriously, and we have since realized that we need to teach our students to treat this behavior seriously also. Dr. Van Erp has spent most of this week investigating and interviewing students.  We do not feel that students were in harm's way at any time. There are serious consequences for this behavior. 

We also learned that we must teach our students to report this behavior to a trusted adult immediately.  

Please be assured that the safety of our students is always our first concern - ahead of everything else. 

We have had a meaningful Holy Thursday.  Each class period began with two of the Stations of the Cross.  Teachers have reported that students found it meaningful and they have been prayerful and respectful.

Easter Blessings,

Lynn Grewing