A Message to Parents

Dear Parents,

Here is some last minute prom information.

  1. There are no tickets sold at Prom.  All tickets must be purchased at school by 3:00 pm today.
  2. All guests must be cleared ahead of time through information from their schools, or administrative approval.
  3. Students should plan to arrive around 5:30 pm.
  4. The Grand March is at 6:00 pm.  Parents are asked to stay upstairs.
  5. Students may not leave the dance before 11:00 pm unless they have a note from a parent.  We require that they remain because parents think that's where they are. 
  6. The dance concludes at 11:30 pm.
  7. The After-Prom party has been canceled.  There just wasn't enough interest.  
  8. One final reminder about attire: please make sure that dress is appropriate.  We would hate to have to send a student home because he/she chose to ignore our guidelines. 
  9. We want prom to be a very safe event. Parents should know and approve of after prom plans.