A Message to Parents

Dear Parents,

Last call for messages for Fred Rupp!  We are putting all of these together to be presented to him on Tuesday

The Fine Arts Association is holding their annual benefit show on Friday night at 7:30 pm (note the time correction!) in Holy Angels.  This is an opportunity to enjoy some great Cathedral talent - all benefitting our fine arts program. 

We plan to recognize Fred Rupp with a whole day of activities in his honor.  May 23 will be FRED RUPP DAY at Cathedral High School.  If your student is one of Fred’s students, a runner on his cross country team, or a member of a Voyageur crew, they probably have memories, stories, and much gratitude for this inspiring teacher, coach, and mentor. Or perhaps, you have messages and best wishes to Fred as he retires from teaching.  We know that there are great stories out there, inspiring moments, along with heartfelt thanks.   We will gather these and present them to him on this day. 

Send your messages and stories to Principal Lynn Grewing:
Lynn Grewing
Cathedral High School
312 7th Ave. N.
St. Cloud, MN. 56303

Students are encouraged to dress for the day.  Three choices: cross country apparel, Voyageur gear, and (as Fred wears every day) khaki pants and a plaid shirt.

After the day’s festivities, we will have an adult reception for Fred, 4:00 to 7:00 pm in Cathedral’s library.  We hope that lots and lots of you will make an effort to be there to greet Fred, and pass on your best wishes for his retirement.
At this time, this day/event is a secret. We're hoping to keep it a surprise for Fred.



Lynn Grewing