A Message to Parents

Dear Parents,

For the past 34 years, Fred Rupp planned and led a unique Homecoming experience for our freshmen. The details for this event will be coming to you in a letter this week.  With Fred's retirement, I have taken on the organizing for this event. It's too good to stop.  I will need some parent help and support.  Here are the ways you can help:

  • I need one or two homes that are willing to be a student gathering spot at about 5:00 pm.  We'll pick the students up at about 5:30 to transport them to the Newman Center for Mass.  If the weather is nice, students can gather outside, but if it's rainy, they will need to come indoors.  Preferably, the best set up would be one home on the North Side and one on the South Side.  We want to be easily accessible for parents dropping kids off.  
  • I need a parent who is willing to be the host for the after dance gathering.  Initially the YMCA told us no, but they have reconsidered, so I will be meeting with them this week.  Being the host would entail organizing contributions for refreshments and recruiting chaperones for this 60 - 90 minute gathering. In the past, we have had plenty of food contributions and many volunteers for chaperoning, so it shouldn't be a really hard job. I will be the main chaperone for the evening, and I will recruit some teachers to help also. 

Many more details will be coming in the letter you will receive about this event.  Before the letter goes out, I would like to have these things determined.  

Please consider helping us out.  This freshmen Homecoming event is unique to Cathedral, and a really great event for students. Just click back to this email if you can help out.



Lynn Grewing