A Message to Parents

Dear Parents, 

Originally, District 742 had tomorrow (Oct. 27) as a day off, so our calendar said "No Busing."  But District 742 changed their calendar, and they have school tomorrow - so there is busing tomorrow.  

Cathedral hosts the elementary students following their work-a-thon on Saturday.  We grill hot dogs for lunch and all of our teams will have a fun activity for the youngsters. We'll be serving from 11:00 am to 1:00 pm.


Our annual Grandparents' Day is just around the corner on Nov. 21. If you are new to Cathedral, we want to be able to send your student's grandparents an invitation.  Contact Rose in the Main Office with the address or click back to this email with that information.  We'll send them a nice invitation to enjoy a great breakfast and Mass with grandchild(ren).  If you have given us those addresses in the past, grandparents will automatically receive an invitation.  This day is one of the highlights of the school year, with hundreds of grandparents joining us that morning.  I will also explain this day to our 7th graders.



Lynn Grewing