A Message to Parents

Dear Parents, 

Tonight is our second night for Parent/Teacher Conferences.  Please note that we are moving the 7th/8th grade conferences to the library, so that danceteam can practice in the cafeteria; grades 9-12 will continue to be in the North Gym.  Conferences are 4:00 to 7:00 pm.  Derrick Brown will not be at conferences this evening. 

If you are a junior parent and you missed the Junior Parent Planning meeting on Oct. 16, our counselors, Bridget Hamak and Mary Quick, will host a brief college planning session for junior parents at 5:30 in the Hall of Fame room (room right next to the boys' locker room in the North Gym).  They will speak to you about beginning the college process and answer your questions. 

Cathedral/Sartell Nordic Ski Team holds its annual Poinsettia Sale now through Nov 21st.This is a fundraiser that benefits the Nordic Ski Team. The Poinsettias are beautiful, festive plants from the St Cloud Floral. Red, White, Pink, Marble are $15 each and the Blue with Sparkles in honor of Ellie Sovada is $20. Plants are delivered to CHS Wednesday, Dec, 30. Pick up in the North Gym 10:00 to 5:30. To place an order, please contact a Nordic skier or Sue Sovada at rsonpark@gmail.com.
Also, this is the last year for the Ellie Blue flowers with sparkles, as this would have been her last year skiing
Thank You.




Our annual Grandparents' Day is just around the corner on Nov. 21. If you are new to Cathedral, we want to be able to send your student's grandparents an invitation.  Contact Rose in the Main Office with the address or click back to this email with that information.  We'll send them a nice invitation to enjoy a great breakfast and Mass with grandchild(ren).  If you have given us those addresses in the past, grandparents will automatically receive an invitation.  This day is one of the highlights of the school year, with hundreds of grandparents joining us that morning.  I will also explain this day to our 7th graders.



Lynn Grewing