A Message to Parents

Dear Parents, 

Please be aware of a serious safety concern related to before and after school drop off and pickup in the north parking lot.  Please do not stop in front of Door 10 (north door of Center Builidng that leads to the parking lot) or behind other cars in that area.  This creates a serious back up and eventually other parents can't even turn into the entrance of the parking lot.  You and your student should agree on a pick up spot - that's not in front of that door.   We have to keep that traffic moving, so stopping there is not allowed. 

A few notes about Grandparents' Day, which is next Tuesday: breakfast serving begins at 7:30 am and continues until 8:45 am. Grandparents do not have to arrive at 7:30, but rather at an agreed upon meeting time with grandchildren. Sometimes Grandma and Grandpa arrive as much as 45 minutes before their grandchild arrives. If your student arrives separately from Grandma and Grandpa, they should arrange to meet them at the door or downstairs in front of the cafeteria.  There is a handicapped accessible door at the east end of the South Building that leads to an elevator.  Please encourage your students to wear Cathedral gear or blue and gold on Tuesday.  It makes a nice statement in the photos. Please let grandparents know that they should park in both Cathedral lots.  I will ask staff and students to leave those spots for grandparents on that day.  

Our next Parent Council Meeting will be Tuesday, Nov 21st @11:30AM in the South Building Basement Conference Room. Our guest speaker is Londa Wagner, Distrist 742 Triage Therapist. The topic is "Social Media and Electronics: the effects on our children."  I hope you will be able to attend.


Cathedral/Sartell Nordic Ski Team holds its annual Poinsettia Sale now through Nov 21st.This is a fundraiser that benefits the Nordic Ski Team. The Poinsettias are beautiful, festive plants from the St Cloud Floral. Red, White, Pink, Marble are $15 each and the Blue with Sparkles in honor of Ellie Sovada is $20. Plants are delivered to CHS Wednesday, Dec, 6. Pick up in the North Gym 10:00 to 5:30. To place an order, please contact a Nordic skier or Sue Sovada at rsonpark@gmail.com.
Also, this is the last year for the Ellie Blue flowers with sparkles, as this would have been her last year skiing


Lynn Grewing