A Message to Parents

Dear Parents, 

On Tuesday, November 28 we are holding our first middle school only Mass. You are invited to attend one of these Masses. We have a special schedule so period 7 Mass begins at 1:40 and period 8 Mass begins at 2:23. Both Masses are in the Center Gym.

Spaghetti Supper for the 2017-2018 St. Cloud Icebreakers When: Saturday, December 2nd Time: 5:00–7:30 (Carry-Out is Available) Where: Moose Lodge 1300 3rd St. North, Waite Park, MN $8.00 (5 & under free) Tickets are available from an Ice Breaker hockey player or at the DOOR!

Please be aware of a serious safety concern related to before and after school drop off and pickup in the north parking lot.  Please do not stop in front of Door 10 (north door of Center Builidng that leads to the parking lot) or behind other cars in that area.  This creates a serious back up and eventually other parents can't even turn into the entrance of the parking lot.  You and your student should agree on a pick up spot - that's not in front of that door.   We have to keep that traffic moving, so stopping there is not allowed.  


Lynn Grewing