A Message to Parents

Dear Parents,

In an effort to be transparent and to communicate well:

Last night we received a concern from a parent about a Snapchat message that his son received from another Cathedral student.  The message was a picture of a gun with a statement about bringing it to school. We notified the police, who then went to the home of our student. The police reported to us that the student had used a picture from another student (not a Cathedral student) and had passed it on as a joke.  The police reassured us that the Cathedral student does not have a gun, nor does the student have access to guns.  The parents are involved and aware of the danger of messages about guns. We have asked that the student not come to school today.  We will meet with the student and parents next week and determine consequences for this foolish and dangerous action (certainly not a joke!).  The police will follow up with the original student who sent the message.  

I want to reassure you that your children are safe at school.  We have investigated this incident thoroughly and believe that it was intended as a joke.  


Lynn Grewing