A Message to Parents

Crusade for Cade!


 The CHS hockey team gathered last evening to show their support and love for their teammate Cade Anderson.  Cade is a Senior who is currently undergoing treatment for cancer.  The boys came together because, “Cade means a lot to us, and we wanted  to show him how much we care.  He is a great team mate and friend, we are in the fight with him, ” according to Captain Nate Warner.                                                                                     

 KARE 11 News Anchor Boyd Huppert stopped in to see Cade today and met with the CHS Hockey Team this afternoon to learn more.  Cade and the Crusaders will be featured on Kare 11’s 6:00 broadcast tonight.  What a great indication of the Crusader spirit and the love and support for Cade and his entire family!!


Tune in and watch… it’s times like this that make one PROUD to be a Crusader!!


Go Crusaders!!!