A Message to Parents

Hello Parents and Friends of Cathedral,


I hope you are enjoying the BEAUTIFUL weekend.  I have some items to share with you as we enter another great week at CHS:


1.  Homecoming Week – Our 2018 Homecoming is right around the corner.  We are officially kicking the week off on October 3rd and will conclude the week with the dance on October 13th.  We have a separate EBLAST that we will send tomorrow so you can see all the fun activities the staff and Student Senators have planned!!  Remember also that we have our Inaugural Virtual 5K that is part of Homecoming week as well!  You should have received an e-mail on Friday with how to register for that, but reach out if you’d like more information!


2.Attendance and Lunch Time – Please be sure your child checks in at the office as they come and go from CHS during the school day.  The safety of our students and security of our facilities are a top priority!  We are now using the main office as the attendance office.  Please use the main line 320-251-3421 if you are calling in an absence. Thanks!


3. Junior Parent Night – Our awesome Counseling staff will be meeting with Juniors in the days ahead and will host an informational meeting for Junior parents on October 15 at 7:00 pm in the Library.  The Counselors will help students and families develop plans to navigate the college application and scholarship processes.  We hope all involved will mark your calendars and attend!!


4.Mass Invitations – We have sent invitations to our parishes and will be sending invites in the days ahead to the following masses.  Please spread the word and join us if you are interested and able:

    1. Honoring our Alumni – We will have a brief reception from 8:00-8:35 in the Hall of Fame Room in the North Gym followed by our all school mass at 8:45.   The mass is on Thursday, October 11th.   The mass is part of our Homecoming Activities.  Father will bless our Alumni and our student body will share their gratitude for the legacy the Alumni have left for our current students.  Information will be sent out with the Homecoming announcements.  We will ask guests to RSVP to the main office if you are attending so appropriate seating is arranged. 
    2. Honoring our Veterans and Service Persons – We will have a similar mass on November 8th for our Veterans and Service Persons.  More details will be shared in the days ahead.  Please mark your calendars and spread the word!  We would be honored to have area and family Veterans and Service Persons in attendance.
    3. Grandparents Day – The annual Grandparents Day Mass and Gathering will be on Wednesday, November 21st.  The details will follow.  We will be asking if you want specific invitations to be sent so please start thinking now. 

5.Field Trip Permissions – We have received direction from our insurance providers to make a change in our Field Trip Permission procedures.  We are transitioning to the new plan for the remainder of the semester.  Every time we leave the grounds, you will receive an email permission slip asking you to let us know if you do NOT want your child attending.  We are asking for “passive permission”.  Our first semester bike trips, star gazing, walks to SCSU and other trips are things we will not collect additional permission slips for.  You should be aware of the trips your child is participating in.  We will be more direct as we enter semester two.  We were made aware of the change after the first semester started.  Please talk with your children and know that the teachers plan trips to extend learning and the faith experience.  If you do NOT want your child participating, please let the appropriate teacher know.  Thanks.  We will work together to make this process one that works for all.

6.Padre Pio – Many of our classes will be walking to St. Mary’s Cathedral to honor the relics of St. Padre Pio on Tuesday.  What an incredible experience for our students and faith community.  Please ask them questions about the Saint and the experience they have!

7. Reminder – please plan to join us!! - 

Volleyball Dig Pink night is Monday, October 1, 2018.  The girls will be playing Annandale.  Players will be selling t-shirts, beads, bracelets and bags at lunch starting on Monday, September 24, 2018.  Items will also be available at the game (as supplies last).  T-shirts are $12 (Youth Large are $10), beads/bracelets are $1 and bags are $5.  Proceeds will be donated to Coborn’s Cancer Center.  


**Notes for Senior Parents Only**


  1. Attendance and Lunch Time – Please be sure your child checks in at the office as they come and go from CHS during the school day.  Seniors at CHS have extra privileges – they deserve them.  We simply do not want to be uninformed if we need to locate someone. We are now using the main office as the attendance office.  Please use the main line 320-251-3421 if you are calling in an absence. Seniors can leave during lunch, however, they MUST have the lunch permission slip signed by you on file.  Mr. Van Erp sent that form electronically to the seniors on Friday.  Please talk to your child and see that we are all on the same page.  We want them safe and enjoying their senior year!!
  2. A Note from the Yearbook Staff:


We have gotten many emails about both senior pictures and baby ads and would like to clear a few things up. Senior photos need to be sent to Sydney Richter by October 1, if photos are not taken by then, please send us a photo that could be used as a filler and just send us the real photo when you receive it. Baby Ad's are also due October 1st, for a complete baby ad we need a photo, a small write-up, and a check. Prices and sizes are as follows: 1/8 page is $60 which includes 1 picture and up to 50 words, 1/4 page is $80 which includes 1 picture and up to 100 words, and 1/2 page is $100 which includes either 1-2 pictures and up to 100 words or 3 pictures and up to 50 words. If you have more than the number of words allowed you give the yearbook permission to edit the message to make it the correct length. If you have any questions about any of the things mentioned please email Elise Kloeppner (kloeppnerelise@cathedralstudent.org


3.  Counselor Information Follow Up – If you were not able to attend the senior to College Planning Evening last week, please be sure to contact the Counseling Office.  Our Counselors truly care and will help you plan (with your child) for the college application and scholarship processes.


 Please let me know how we can best support you and your children!  CHS is a wonderful place for people of all ages!  


Thanks for sharing your students with us!!!