A Message from the Principal

Dear Parents,

1. Our morning bus route from Sartell begins on Monday and will run each day that we have school. It is a morning only route and leaves from the Holiday Station across from Mulligan's at7:10amand from St. Francis at7:25am. Any Cathedral students are welcome to ride. If you have questions, please contact EmmettKeenan at: ekeenan@cathedralcrusaders.org

2. Students in grades 8-11 will receive their laptops during school this week. They will be given the same laptop that they had last year. Laptop handout for seniors, grade 7, and all new students will be this Wednesday at 5:00 for seniors and 5:45 for seventh graders and all new students, and Thursday morning at 7:00 am for seniors and 7:20 am for seventh graders and new students. Both a parent and the student must attend one of these meetings in order to receive a laptop. Please make arrangements to be at one of the meetings. Otherwise, scheduling make up meetings will be difficult and will stretch into next week. We want parents and students to know how important it is that these expensive devices are well cared for. They cannot be thrown around - corners become damaged easily, and screens are also somewhat fragile. Both at school and at home, we ask that these MacBook Air laptops be used at a table, rather than on the floor. It's just too easy to step on them - which usually ruins them. Students cannot load anything on to their computers, and they will quickly learn that streaming music, videos, etc. take a lot of battery time.

We continue to be very proud of the fact that we are the only ones in town to utilize MacBook Airs with all grades, 7-12. It has revolutionized how students learn, and this technology prepares our students for the world that they will enter as young adults. Of course this technology is not without problems and students can be easily distracted by games, etc. We will continue to teach them how to use this technology effectively.

Parents need to monitor their use at home. You always have the authority to say, "Put it away," or "I want to see what you are working on or your search history."

3. Next week, we will begin a regular schedule of weekly Mass. Our weekly Masses will be Thursday at 9:00 am. These masses will be shorter and simpler, more like a daily Mass at our parishes. We expect that they will last about 40 minutes. You are welcome to join us at 9:00 am in the North Gym, starting on Sept. 4.

4. Cathedral students are expected to complete 70 hours of service by the end of Semester 1, senior year. We recommend that some of those hours be completed in the student's home parish, but this is not required. If you have a senior, please make sure that they are on track to complete this requirement by January. Last spring, our current juniors attended a service fair, showing lots of options for service work in the St. Cloud community. If you have questions about service, please contact Steve Penticuff at school: spenticuff@cathedralcrusaders.org or 251-3421, ext.308.

5. Bishop Donald Kettler will offer a special Mass for Peace at the Cathedral of Saint Mary on Tuesday evening,September 2, at7:00 p.m.
Please come and pray with Bishop Kettler for peace within our own country and throughout the world.

Lynn Grewing