A Message to Parents

Dear Parents,

A reminder that Parent Council will meet today, Jan. 20 at 11:30 in the Conference Rm. Julie Notsch will be there to tell us how successful the Barnes and Nobles book fair was and Christie Schulte will be there to talk about Celebration of Seasons. Hope you can make it!

Our Sno Daze Dance (high school) is scheduled for Jan. 24 instead of Jan. 31.  It will be held in our North Gym. 

Recently we reminded students that our laptops should not be carried inside backpacks.  We are finding that the weight of the books also in the backpack are seriously damaging the laptops. Laptops should be carried inside the covers/carriers that we provided - separately from backpacks.  Please help us with this request, and check to make sure the laptop is outside a backpack when it comes home.  Many schools do not allow backpacks during the school day, and we are moving toward that requirement, both for the safety of our laptops and for the health of our students.  

A reminder about our dress code: leggings, jeggings, yoga pants, and other skin-tight or spandex pants are not allowed, unless the shirt or skirt worn over the top is at least two inches below the fingertips.  

Mark your calendars for Jan. 27.  Our big event during Catholic Schools Week is speaker Erin Walsh.  She will speak to parents that evening on raising children and young adults in a digital age.  We will open this evening up to all parents of Catholic school children in St. Cloud.  It's such a timely subject and Ms. Walsh is a well-known expert in this field.

Lynn Grewing