A Message to Parents

Dear Parents,

Last evening at the senior parent meeting, I gave the wrong time for Graduation.  The handout you received is correct. Graduation is at 8:00 pm on May 22, 2015 in the North Gym. 

We will have another Registration Night on Thursday, Feb. 12, 4:00 to 7:00 pm - in the Cafeteria.  Registration nights are for new families and parents who wish to come in to complete the process.  Current students will register during the school day.

A reminder that Parent Council meets next Tuesday, February 17th, in the conference room off the senior lounge at 11:30 a.m..  Our speaker will be Chris Mueller, who is returning for the 2nd year to provide CPR and AED training (a version that does not involve certification).  Chris is a fireman, EMT and a certified instructor at SCTCC.  We hope to see you there.

If you were unable to attend the senior parent meeting on Monday evening, we will be sending the packet to you. 

More information from speaker Erin Walsh: it's important that our young people understand that every time they log in on a computer or IPAD, or use their cell phones, they are creating their "digital footprint."   Our use of technology paints a picture of who we are, probably far more than any of us realize. This footprint is created by websites we visit or "like." It is created by anything we post or text.  This information can determine how or why people purchase or behave. But even more than that, our digital footprint has a personality.  We want our teens to create a footprint that promotes integrity, kindness to others, and general good.  We hear too many examples of cyberbullying and mean comments coming from perceived anonymity or just the ease of making a comment digitally rather than face to face.  We will be talking to your teens about the kind of positive digital footprint they can be proud of.  We encourage you to have the same conversation with your children. 


Lynn Grewing