A Message to Parents

Dear Parents,

We are sending our danceteam off today with a pepfest and our very best wishes for a great state tournament experience and competition.  If you haven't seen them perform this year, they are very good, so we are hopeful!

I made an announcement this morning to students regarding backpacks. Currently our 7th and 8th grade students do not carry backpacks during the school day.  We are extending that expectation to the rest of our student body.  As you might expect, students are upset about this.  We have several good reasons for this new requirement:

  • Many of our expensive laptops have been damaged in backpacks. They are damaged by compression between heavy books, and they are damaged when backpacks are thrown to the floor in a hurry to get to lunch.  Our laptops will survive well when they are carried in the cases we provided and not stored within a backpack.
  • Our students are carrying up to fifty pounds on their backs in these backpacks.  They truly do not understand the damage that they are doing to their necks and backs.  It will take retraining, but we know that students can figure out a way to get to their lockers periodically throughout the day, so that they are only carrying materials for a couple classes at a time.
  • Most of our courses have online textbooks, so students don't need to carry heavy textbooks around all day long. 
  • These enormous backpacks are creating problems in the classroom and in the lunchroom.  They block the aisles and are often the reason for tripping.  If we ever needed to evacuate classrooms or the lunchroom quickly, these backpacks would create a serious hazard. 
  • Our MacBook cases have a pencil pouch on the front, for any personal items that students need to carry during the day.
  • We will be monitoring passing time closely.  We currently allow five minutes to move from class to class. If we need to reconsider that time, we will.
  • Most of us attended school without backpacks.  We survived - actually more than survived.  
  • Thanks for your support with this issue!


Don't forget that we have next Monday (President's Day) off!

A reminder that Parent Council meets next Tuesday, February 17th, in the conference room off the senior lounge at 11:30 a.m..  Our speaker will be Chris Mueller, who is returning for the 2nd year to provide CPR and AED training (a version that does not involve certification).  Chris is a fireman, EMT and a certified instructor at SCTCC.  We hope to see you there.


Lynn Grewing