A Message to Parents

Dear Parents,

Spring Conferences are this evening (Tuesday), and Thursday, 4:00 to 7:00 pm.  High school teachers are located in the North Gym, with middle school teachers in the Cafeteria.  Third quarter report cards will be handed out.  The PLAN test results for sophomores are available at the Counseling table in the North Gym.  At 5:30 on both evenings, one of our counselors will host a session in the library to talk about these test results.

We do have a number of teachers who are coaches of spring sports. We do have a tennis meet today and Thursday, so Coach Scheevel will not be at conferences.  On Thursday, Mr. Fleege, Mr. Johnson, Mr. Chamernick, Mrs. Voit, and Mr. Karn will be coaching games/meets.  Ms. Blommer, Mr. Kapsner, and Mrs. Steichen will be leaving at 6:30 on Thursday.  Mr. McMorrow is still in the Dominican Republic, but should be back by Thursday.  We apologize; spring conferences always have so many conflicts.  Next year, we plan to move the second set of conferences to February. 

We have been instituted a new phone policy after many discussions with teachers and with students.  Students will be allowed to use their cell phones during passing time and during lunch.  There will be a no tolerance expectation during class time.  Phones are distracting and annoying during the teaching/learning process.  Students should either leave their cell phones in their lockers, or turn them in as they enter the classroom.  The ubiquity of cell phones in school makes this policy necessary.  Our job is to motivate, inspire, and teach these young people, and our teachers need to be able to do that without the distraction that cell phones create. 

An important reminder: if you haven't completed the Tuition Agreement form for next year, your child's registration is not complete. Students have completed and submitted their course registration forms here at school, but registration is not final until we have the tuition agreement paperwork. You may complete this paperwork online.  Just click on the online registration button on the front page of our website: www.cathedralcrusaders.org.  You may also print out the form and send or bring it in. We are already working on next year's schedule. Students who are not fully registered may not get into their first choice classes, so it is very important that parents take care of this step.  

The Global Issues class is currently in the Dominican Republic.  You can follow their experiences on their blog which is available through the Faith and Service page on our website.

I hope everyone is making plans to attend Celebration of Seasons on April 25.  It is so important that the whole community supports this important fundraiser.  This is Cathedral's big event, and it benefits so many of our student activities.  


Lynn Grewing