A Message to Parents

Dear Parents,

This message is for senior parents: if you have pictures from Baccalaureate, please bring these as prints to the Prayer Breakfast tomorrow.  You may give them to Sandi Austing or Dawn Loberg; they are working on the decorations for the All-Night Party and these pictures will add to the decor.  

A reminder that the breakfast tomorrow is at 7:30 am in the Commons.  Students should bring their gowns, stoles, and honor cords - no hats.  We suggest that they hang their gowns upstairs in the senior hallway during breakfast. They will wear their gowns for the Awards Ceremony following the Prayer Breakfast.  Dress for the breakfast is "dress casual."  

Students should arrive for graduation by 7:30 pm. Boys should wear a shirt/tie, long pants, and dress shoes.  Ladies may wear dresses, skirts, or pants.  No flip-flops.  Students will receive a cross at the Prayer Breakfast.  We ask that they wear the cross for the graduation ceremony.  

Looking forward to a beautiful evening for graduation!

Lynn Grewing