A Message to Parents

Dear Parents,

Best wishes for a great summer.  As I bid farewell to your sons/daughters for the summer, I encouraged them to go to church on Sunday, to read some books this summer, and to have some fun.  Because school is so involved with technology, I really encourage you as a family to shut the computers off for the summer: no video games, no facebook, etc. 

I am grateful to David Eickhoff, one of our parents, who is willing to share his photos from prom and graduation and other Cathedral events. Here is the message from him:  

Below is the link to the photo galleries that I set up for the class of 2015.  You must click on this link and the password is Classof2015 (C must be capital and no spaces).  I started by adding pictures from Baccalaureate, the breakfast, awards and graduation, but while I was working on it I also added the picture galleries that I had from all 4 homecomings, all 4 SnoDayz, both proms, NHS (2013 and 2015), and the play Oklahoma.  

Any of the pictures should be able to be freely downloaded at full size using the download icon in the lower right corner.  Everyone should ignore the “Purchase” button.  I am not able to turn it off – they recently upgraded the site and I just have not figured that out yet. 

 If anyone has any questions, they can email me at deickhoff@plazapark.com

Here is the link:

Password – Classof2015

Our Main Office is open all summer if you should need us.  

Have a great summer!

Lynn Grewing