Welcome to the Cathedral Community!


Inspired and informed by Catholic tradition, our mission is to educate people while inspiring them to virtuous lives.  Our teachers, advisors, and coaches strive to provide learning opportunities that are relevant and rigorous – in the classroom, in the lab, on the field trip, in rehearsal, and on the athletic field. We expect students to think critically, to write well, and to speak confidently. Cathedral provides outstanding teachers, technology, travel experiences, and classroom learning aimed at the best possible foundation for college and successful careers.

At Cathedral we recognize the spiritual needs of our students. We are a community of service and prayer. We provide a myriad of meaningful service opportunities for our students, from mission work in third world countries to befriending at-risk children in our own St. Cloud community. Our Catholic faith enriches every aspect of our learning program. It helps define our values and how we think.

We offer small classes, within a safe environment – both physically and emotionally safe. There is great school pride at Cathedral and it is especially apparent during our athletics and activities. Our participation percentages for extracurricular activities are truly phenomenal. We encourage you to attend a game or a play or a concert. You will see happy, engaged students who, because of their experiences at Cathedral will enter the world prepared to be productive citizens and lifelong learners.

Please come and visit us! At Cathedral, you will find community, learning, respect, discipline & faith.


 Kathy Crispo