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Goal: $18 Million

Goal $18 Million

Campaign Chronology & Final Steps

Throughout the past nine years, Cathedral has very methodically, patiently, and purposefully pursued Goal #9 of its Master Plan 2018.  In short, that goal was to significantly improve and/or expand the school's facilities.  Steady progress has been made all along, right on schedule.  We are now working to achieve the final steps to successful conclusion.  This Chronology will help to provide an executive summary of the steps taken to-date and the work still remaining.

Vision and Master Planning

Cathedral High School Master Plan 2018 includes capital improvement projects (Goal #9).

Extensive research, discussions and visits to other schools performed.

Several committee meetings conducted for pre-design research.

Guiding Principles and Operative Assumptions created and adopted as official school policy.

Cuningham Architecture engaged to propose pre-design concepts, which are delivered with a price tag of $30,000,000+.

Testing the Concept

Bob & Kathy Lahr named Volunteer National Co-Chairs of The Campaign for Cathedral.

Testing the Concept sessions are conducted, during which 300+ people give 98% approval for the Cuningham proposals.  In addition to 300+, constituent groups such as faculty, staff, students and parents also give approval.

Testing the Concept article and preliminary images published in Cathedral Magazine.

Testing the Capacity

Testing the Capacity sessions held, during which face-to-face interviews and research suggest that $15,000,000 could be raised if everything aligned perfectly.

Goal adjusted from $30,000,000 to $15,000,000; two phases announced.

Boards' Approval

All governance levels approve the go-ahead to begin fundraising for The Campaign for Cathedral.

Financing the Vision

Face-to-face visits conducted with dozens of donors provide leadership commitments approaching 2/3 of the goal.

Design Phase

Construction Manager Selection Task Force formed.

McGough selected as Construction Manager.

Design Professional Selection Task Force formed.

ATS&R Architechts selected as Design Professional.

Twelve-member Building Committee appointed by the Cathedral Board of Directors.

Weekly and sometimes daily work sessions are conducted with the architects and the entire design/build team.

Soil borings completed.

Site survey completed.

Legal work completed; contracts signed.

Final design development by ATS&R approved.

Neighborhood meeting conducted.

Final Steps

City of St. Cloud Planning Commission approval received.

Diocese of St. Cloud Building Committee approval received.

Approval from City of St. Cloud City Council.

Approval from Diocese of St. Cloud Finance Council.

Approval from church officials.

Complete construction drawings (ATS&R).

Complete final bids (McGough).

Break ground.

Complete construction.


For more information, contact Marit Ortega, Director of The Campaign for Cathedral, at 320-257-2121 or Email.