Campaign Endorsements

Mike Quinlivan '76 on why he is supporting The Campaign for Cathedral:

"As students we stood on the shoulders of all who went before us to create Cathedral – students, dedicated faculty, tirelessly working parents, generous benefactors – who built the buildings, taught the classes, coached sports, music, drama, provided scholarships, and financed the operations. Now it’s our turn to be the shoulders for generations of future students to stand on. This is our opportunity to participate in the legacy of Cathedral in the construction of a historic building that will be a vital part of the Cathedral campus for the next 100 years, educating tomorrow’s leaders and citizens.

St. Cloud would not be the St. Cloud it is today without Cathedral; point to many successful community organizations or businesses and you will see Cathedral alumni leading the way. Education is the first act of discipleship – it’s our turn to be disciples.

Be part of Cathedral’s legacy with a historic building to show for your financial contribution."

*Photos provided by Mike Quinlivan '76, pictured 4th from the left with the first ever Les Voyageurs crew in 1973, and center in the 1976 graduation photo.

Multi-generation alumni family, ’71, ’00, ’02, ‘06, on why they are supporting The Campaign for Cathedral:

We have made a donation to the Campaign for Cathedral in honor of our family as a way to give back. Cathedral’s role in shaping our family can’t be overstated. We’re thankful for all it has given us and look forward to its continued growth.

Joe Sexton ‘86, on why he is supporting The Campaign for Cathedral:

"In my opinion, Cathedral High School has done more for the city of St. Cloud than any other private business, organization or entity around. Our graduates go on to be business owners, leaders, doctors, lawyers, nurses, construction workers, employees, co-workers and customers. They are children, parents, grandparents and great grandparents. But because Cathedral is a private Catholic School, the city of St. Cloud cannot help with funding for this project.

Years ago our parents, grandparents and alumni sacrificed to give us the opportunity to experience Cathedral, now it is our turn to reciprocate. I truly believe the future of our city, state, and country lies in the hands of our youth, and they need our love and support. I will do my small part to help this one school continue to produce students that go on to do amazing things."

Nina (Bauer) Steil ‘88 on why she is supporting The Campaign for Cathedral:

"To me, Cathedral is much more than just a school. It is a place where bright futures are molded. I support the Campaign for Cathedral because it will play a remarkable role in shaping the future of its students as well as Cathedral itself. The new building will supply classrooms for engineering, science, and the arts, and add new space that is needed for continued excellence in learning."