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The Campaign for Cathedral

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Goal: $18 Million, $16.5M Building, $1.5M CCS


Director of the Campaign for Cathedral
 Marit (Hartjes) Ortega '97

Director of Advancement
 Chris Schellinger

The Campaign for Cathedral FAQs

Why conduct a capital campaign?

Cathedral’s shared vision is literally chiseled in granite in four different places around campus – and it is posted ubiquitously in more than 100 frames in each room and office. Cathedral’s effectiveness is unmatched in its education, preparation, and formation of young men and women for adulthood – and in its delivery of religious, social, intellectual, leadership, cultural, financial, and service capital to Central Minnesota and the world.

We can better accomplish our vision with improved facilities.

Why now?

The newest building on campus is 50-years old. To remain relevant and competitive we must provide a learning environment consistent with 21st century learning and the latest in technology. Our students are learning in 80-year-old science labs; just think what they could achieve because of excellent facilities rather than in spite of limited ones.

Why stay downtown?

We’ve been here on the same corner of town since 1884. Our alumni, families, and friends—by an overwhelming majority—have expressed a desire to invest in and expand our present campus to continue growing where we were planted so many years ago. Our vision includes expanding our campus to perhaps twice its current size – from about five city blocks to ten or more.  In addition, within the city we own the largest non-public stretch of undeveloped land immediately adjacent to the Mississippi River. Our 500+ feet of river is too valuable an aesthetic and practical asset to abandon.

Why build new instead of renovating/updating the existing campus?

With the focus on 21st century learning, we need more space. The faculty and staff do an excellent job of delivering a high-quality program to and for our students, but the newest classroom building is sixty years old. Back in those days, the plan was to squeeze as many students as possible into a small space, line them up in rows, have everyone facing front, paying attention, and following instructions. There was no technology back then, and no one imagined large spaces to foster collaboration, teamwork, problem solving skills, or leadership.

In addition, the programs that will be moving to the new building all require enhanced ventilation to provide a safer indoor environment for our students and faculty. Building new will allow us to incorporate energy efficient heating, cooling and appropriate ventilation for these programs, and will actually be more cost effective than trying to renovate the existing spaces.

Where will the new building be located?

The new building will be located between the 1967 gymnasium and the 1938 (center) building. It will connect and unify the campus while also serving as the main point of secure entry.

What will be in the new school building?

Our priorities are 21st century learning, technology, science, engineering, visual arts, and a student commons to facilitate collaboration, teamwork, and problem solving skills. The new building will also include a small chapel while embracing the beautiful view of the Mississippi River.

Who will build the new building?

McGough Construction was selected from among six finalists interviewed.

What is the projected building cost?

$16.5 million is the anticipated comprehensive price tag.

When will the building be completed?

Construction began in August of 2019 and this project has a approximate projected build time of one year.  We anticipate that the building will be completed in 2020. 

What about the rest of the Cathedral campus?

God willing and a successful completion of Phase One (this phase) we hope to have subsequent phases to improve our facilities which will include a complete renovation of the 1938 building, expansion of athletic facilities, and outdoor environmental enhancements.