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"There are some people that at this time really can’t help as much, and so I’m really asking for others to consider doing more than their part to help us keep our Catholic schools alive and growing and dynamic and wonderful." 

~Bishop Donald J. Kettler

See the new school building project come to life with this fly through video, courtesy of the ATS&R Architect Team!

Why Build?

Our facilities should reflect the values and philosophies of the Cathedral community, and inspire the wonders happening inside them.

Walk the halls of Cathedral High School during the school year. You will see a deep sense of COMMUNITY in which loving relationships between students and staff are born out of our Catholic faith. Successes are celebrated, sorrows and joys are felt deeply, and hopes are supported by one another. This sense of community is deepened by the incredibly meaningful opportunities in the broader community that allow our students to experience the world from a first hand vantage point; life-changing opportunities such as local and global social justice experiences (volunteering at Catholic Charities, St. Cloud Hospital, Place of Hope, Quiet Oaks Hospice, long-term care facilities, raking leaves or shoveling for elderly neighbors, church ministries, service trips to Guatemala and Tanzania, etc...), course-related field trips, month-long canoe trips in the Canadian wilderness, and travel-learning experiences to Germany, Spain, Italy, and several U.S. cities.

Teachers are focused on providing a rigorous 21st CENTURY LEARNING EXPERIENCE that develops the skills necessary to be leaders in society, citizenship, and in the 21st century workplace. Through collaboration and problem solving, teachers develop innovative instructional methods, technology, simulations, and materials that allow students to practice these skills within the rigorous content. 99% of our students graduate and advance to college, and many go on to successful careers while at the same time advocating for our world through the hallmark Catholic value of loving our neighbors.



The education received at Cathedral High School is exceptional, but our faculty have to work hard to create this experience in facilities that lack 21st century learning spaces, flexibility and equipment necessary to innovate, create and collaborate. Some of the programs with the most room for facility improvements include science, engineering and visual arts. As a Catholic school, it is also notable that the only dedicated prayer space is a very small chapel that is unable to comfortably accommodate a single classroom. Cathedral should be a leader in education with facilities that enhance the programs being offered, preparing students for the world in a Catholic environment. Our students are excelling despite our current facilities. Just think of what they could do in facilities that promote success!



The new building will address all of the facility limitations currently felt with science, engineering and visual arts. It will also include a chapel, a community room facing the Mississippi River, and collaboration spaces on both the first and second floors. It's design encourages hands on learning, creativity and critical thinking among our students and faculty, which will position our students for even greater success in college and/or future careers. This building is a necessary next step in providing flexible spaces that support 21st century teaching and learning.  In building, we are giving our students the opportunity to further develop key skills that position them to make an impact on their local and global communities.

For more information, contact Marit Ortega, Director of The Campaign for Cathedral, at 320-257-2121 or Email.


  • Chapel worship & reflection space
  • ~30,000 sq. ft. of additional educational space
  • (5) Science classrooms on same level with up graded lab stations & equipment
  • Major Engineering department expansion
  • Visual arts classroom upgrades & enhancements
  • Community room & collaboration spaces
  • North gym connection & new concessions area
  • ADA accessibility throughout all facilities
  • 2-floor connection from 1938 building (no tunnel use necessary)


  • collaboration
  • creativity
  • critical thinking
  • problem solving
  • flexibility
  • global and cultural awareness
  • leadership
  • information, civic and technology literacies
  • communication skills
  • adaptability
  • social responsibilities and ethics