A Prayer for the Cathedral Community

Gracious, gift-giving God, you call us each by name.  We are your children.  You tell us we are precious and glorious in your sight.  To each of us you give an extraordinary destiny.

Warmed by these words of love we your people within this Cathedral community – our students, families, parishes, volunteers, schools, alumni, teachers, and staff – make bold to ask:

  • Strengthen us when our faith and love grow faint;
  • Fix us firmly upon the rock of your Word; teach us to build our schools upon   this rock and not upon the uncertain sands of passing fancies.

You invite us to dwell in your tent so that you might refresh us with your presence and protect us from the heat and burdens of the day.

You remind us that all those involved in education truly inspire others for eternity.

Help us to know we live in a many-splendored world.  May we contribute our labor to enhance its wonder.

And finally, prosper our journey to the shores of heaven where, as Saint Paul has promised, you will welcome us as full citizens.


Prayer Request

The Cathedral community prays together weekly and we have a Prayer Chain. Please submit your request and it will be included in our weekly prayer service and added to the Prayer Chain. Thank you.