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Celebration of Seasons


Celebration of Seasons

A Night for the Cathedral Community

Our numbers are starting to come in for the 9th Annual Celebration of Seasons, and we are pleased to announce that 2019 marks our best year to date!  The event netted over $156,000, which includes $101,725 raised for our Fund-A-Need upgrades to The Holy Angels Performing Arts Center and The Historic Center Gym.  This is more than double what we netted for Celebration of Seasons in 2018.  Thank you to everyone who contributed to this historic effort! 

2019 Celebration of Seasons Fund-A-Need Update

Goal: $70,000 for upgrades to the Holy Angels Performing Arts Center and the Historic Center Gym.

The Cathedral community came together in support of our students, faculty, programming, and - most importantly - OUR FUTURE, and donated $101,725 towards our Fund-A-Need, exceeding our goal!

This is a record for our Fund-A-Need - Congratulations on a great success!

This total means that we will be able to purchase and install new football goal posts and soccer goals on Rau Field, and new video and light systems in the Historic Holy Angels Performing Arts Center - in addition to the $70,000 in upgrades as outlined below:

Holy Angels Performing Arts Center (HAPAC) upgrades will include state-of-the-art technical (sound and monitor) systems. By working with several local vendors supportive of Cathedral’s efforts, we are able to secure a system that will provide the HAPAC with one of the very best sound systems in Central Minnesota.  This is the first phase leading to a fully-functioning and self-supporting performing arts venue for Cathedral and our local community. 

Cathedral’s historic Center gym upgrades will include resurfacing the entire gym floor, providing for sand, seal, finish, Volleyball and Basketball game lines, graphics/artwork, and other interior enhancements. This work will improve the practice and playing experience for our athletic teams, activities, physical education and the viewing pleasure of our families and fans.

Thank you to everyone who contributed to this historic effort!

Watch for more information on our overall results for Celebration of Seasons coming soon!

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