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From The President's Office at Cathedral

April 26, 2012 -- 7:00 PM

The latest news... happened just minutes ago!

NEWS RELEASE: Thursday April 26, 2012 -- 7:00 PM CONTACT PERSON: Michael Mullin, President of Cathedral Direct Dial: 320-257-2114= = = = = = = = = = =

Cathedral High School is excited to announce a program innovation that will dramatically impact teaching and learning for its students.The school will invest in personal computer devices -- enough for each student to have a state-of-the-art laptop 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The devices will travel back and forth daily between school and home while connecting students to learning experiences previouslyunimaginableand unavailable. This innovation is in direct response to Cathedral's Master Plan which sets a goal of not fewer than 18 program innovations by school year 2018.Cathedral will walk before it runs and will use the coming school year to pilot the project in grades #7 and #8. Teachers have been involved in research, observations, and with a number of professional development experiences since about a year ago as they have prepared for this new technology and learning tool. Still, it will take time and plenty of collaboration to maximize the instructional potential of these new machines.Lesson plans will be different, teacher approaches will be different, student behavior will be different. Literally the entire world will be almost instantly available on each student's desk and in each student's home evenings, weekends, and vacations. Cathedral's principal and instructional leader, Lynn Grewing, heralded the arrival of laptop machines for each student. Over the last year the school carefully and extensively considered both iPad and laptop machines. Said Grewing, "Both devices have the power to be transformative. Laptops allow for the production of work, along with easy printing. They also provide us with the option for remote desktop supervision. I believe the sizzle of iPads is outweighed by the superior usefulness of a laptop in a high school setting. Teachers are excited about the possibility of constant access to technology. The next step in teacher professional development will be to have everyone really take a good look at the technology that comes with their textbooks. These book companies provide many technology activities with every lesson. Our teachers have not been able to utilize this because of sporadic access in the past." Grewing continued, "I also believe that laptops fit our mission and our vision as a rigorous academic school better than iPads. Given the preliminary research and results reported among schools piloting iPads It doesn't appear that they have delivered the kinds of results we want and expect." Cathedral's President, Mike Mullin, commented,"We have reached the age where it is impossible to stay ahead of knowledge.It has surpassed all of us.The productivity of Johannes Gutenberg’s machine would be approaching the speed of light were it to keep pace.If knowledge were raging rapids our raft would have already descended into a canyon, to a point of no return.Our job now is to steer carefully and to enjoy the incredibly exciting ride.It will take the right people – good people – to safely navigate our raft, but they already exist at Cathedral.It’s time for this extraordinary journey to begin." Cathedral will pay for the machines from special donations and from its general operating fund throughout an anticipated three-year phase in period. The coming school year will serve as a pilot project to iron out most of the kinks and to collect empirical and anecdotal evidence related to best practices, effectiveness, and productivity. Cathedral High School, a Catholic School for grades #7 - #12, was founded in 1884 by what was then Holy Angels Cathedral. The school is now a separate corporation serving 650 students of all faiths within a 28-mile radius of its downtown St. Cloud, MN location. For additional information please contact school President, Mike Mullin.