Meet the Team!

President Emeritus 
Mike Mullin
Ext. 143

Campaign for Cathedral / Marketing & Communications
 Marit Ortega

Fast Facts

The focus of The Campaign for Cathedral is the construction of a 21st century academic facility, the first new addition to the Cathedral campus in over 50 years.

This project will include:

  • ~30,000 sq. ft. of additional educational space
  • ADA accessibility throughout all facilities
  • 2-floor connection from 1938 building (no tunnel use necessary)
  • chapel worship & reflection space
  • (5) science classrooms on same level with up graded lab stations & equipment
  • engineering department expansion
  • (2) visual arts classrooms with upgrades & enhancements
  • community room & collaboration spaces
  • North gym connection & new concessions area for all CHS-hosted activities

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