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Giving FAQs

Why does Cathedral have an Annual Giving Campaign (Cathedral Fund)?
 · At Cathedral High School the tuition covers only a portion (55%) of the actual cost of educating our students
 · The Cathedral Fund was established to assist in covering the operating expenses that are not covered by tuition income.
 · The Cathedral Fund allows the school to sustain its academic excellence in the Catholic tradition
 · Gifts to the Cathedral Fund supplement everything from classroom needs, fine arts and athletics, teacher/staff salaries, maintenance of our facilities, and financial assistance for our current students.

Who Gives to the Cathedral Fund?
 · Current and Past Parents, grandparents, Board of Directors, alumni, alumni parents, clergy, friends, faculty and staff, and corporations who have employee matching gift programs contribute to the Cathedral Fund.

How much do I need to give?
 · Only you can decide how much to contribute to the Cathedral Fund each year.
 · Gifts of every size are important and greatly appreciated.
 · Every $20, $50, $100 or $1,000 gift helps to provide outstanding faculty, staff, programs, arts and athletics, and financial assistance for today’s and tomorrow’s students.

Why does participation matter?
 · High rates of participation say a lot about the commitment of the Cathedral High School community to the work that the school does with our students.
 · Participation rates are important confidence indicators—they tell grant-making foundations that look at many schools that our school has a highly supportive community that believes in our school.
 · Giving to the Cathedral Fund is a part of our culture and we value all gifts whether large or small.

How is it determined how my gift will be used when I give to the Cathedral Fund?
 · Unrestricted gifts are vital to Cathedral because they allow resources to be directed to where they are needed immediately!

How is giving to the Cathedral Fund different than giving to the Education Foundation?
 · The Cathedral Fund is essentially like a checking account where the funds are available immediately and are drawn upon to impact our students every single day.
 · The goal for the Cathedral Fund for FY2017-2018 is $570,000.
 · The Education Foundation is an endowed fund, like a savings account, which works in perpetuity to provide scholarship support for students.Your donation represents great thinking and planning on your part and will greatly benefit current and future generations.
 · Our policy is to take a 5% annual draw from the assets of The Foundation so that hopefully the fund will grow a little bit while it is also helping current students. The Foundation is governed by a thirteen-member Board of Trustees, which meets regularly to take prudent action for the long-term strength and stability of your school.

When should I make my gift?
 · The Cathedral Fund year runs from July 1 through June 30. A gift is welcomed and appreciated at any time during this period.
 · Some prefer to make gifts prior to December 31st as all gifts are fully tax deductible according to the IRS.
 · Others prefer to give in the spring or closer to June 30th to be part of the last minute “push” to hit the fiscal year goals.

Are families who receive financial assistance asked to contribute?
 · Yes, everyone in the Cathedral community is asked to participate with a contribution to the Cathedral Fund. Every gift counts, regardless of the amount. Helping others is a foundation of our Catholic faith.