Granite Ridge Conference Art Competition

Cathedral did marvelous at the Granite Ridge Conference Art Show and Competition held in Foley on April 25.  Twenty pieces of Art were submitted to be judged by professional artists. Of those, 18 pieces scored an Excellent or better.  Superior ratings were earned by Aiden Brew in Pottery, Abram Voss in Pottery, Ramona Kuhn in Painting, Jeremiah Thyen in Painting, Reagan Garden in Painting, and Anna Penticuff in Sculpture and Kelli Spaniol. 

Some Awards of note:
1st place in Ceramics - Ramona Kuhn
1st Place in Sculpture - Tom Hawkins
2nd Place in Painting - Izzie Yaggie Heinen
1st Place in Mixed Media - Alisha Gill
1st Place in Graphic Arts - Ramona Kuhn

Also, Ramona Kuhn's Painting of "Grampa" won Best In Show by a unanimous decision of the judges.  She also won the People's Choice Award voted on by every single art student displaying in the Granite Ridge Conference Show by over an 80% vote. Cathedral students have now won 'Best In Show' for the past 3 years.  Congratulations to all!