Groundbreaking Ceremony Photos


Let the digging begin!! 

Thanks to all who took the time to join us for the groundbreaking ceremony on Sunday.  We appreciate all who were able to be with us.  Thanks, too, to the students who participated in the program. We were fortunate to have a student representative for each grade from pre-K through 12th grade in our Catholic Community Schools system participate in the ground breaking ceremonies.  It was fun to see our current and future CHS representatives together on this big day in CHS history!

Photo Credit: YuppyPhoto From left to right: Myles Fox (Pre K), Etta Leider (K), Brandon Thull (1), Liam O'Keefe (2), Isaac Leider (3), Emma Fromm (4), Paylynn Delano (5), Brooklyn Bukowski (6), Lily Yapuncich (7), Blake Fleege (8), Priya Nacey (9), Drew Schmidt (10), Katie Felix (11), and Lauren Hatledstad (12). 

Myles Fox was especially attentive and adorable.  We had to pass this picture on to you.


View more photos in our Groundbreaking Ceremony Facebook Album.

Parking information continues to evolve. Seniors wanting spots will hear from Mrs. Sieling soon.  We will open up the next group of places as they become available.

Have a great weekend.

~ Paula 

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