International Program Coordinator

Ann Brown

(320) 257-2317  Email

Admissions Coordinator

Denise Klein

(320) 257-2117   Email

International Application Requirements

International students interested in applying for admission to Cathedral must complete the following steps:

  1. Complete the international student application.
  2. Complete the international student background information form.
  3. Complete the international student family information form.
  4. Have an official copy of your academic records, from the previous two years, bearing original stamp and signature of the school sent to Cathedral in a sealed envelope from the school.
  5. Have two teachers fill out and send the teacher recommendation form; English and Mathematics teachers are preferred.
  6. Results from an English proficiency test are required for all international applications. Scan the scores of TOEFL Junior, iBT TOEFL, or IELTS tests and mail to Cathedral 312 7th Avenue North St. Cloud, MN 56303 USA. Cathedral's TOEFL code is 6754.

For international admissions and inquiries, contact Ann Brown at Email.

For general inquiries regarding admissions, contact Denise Klein, Admissions Coordinator, at (320) 251-3421 or Email.

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